The Best Hybrid Strains at Chronic Therapy

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Cannabis enthusiasts are looking for the best hybrid strains Wheat Ridge and Cortez have to offer. Crosses between indica and sativa strains are increasingly popular because they often offer the best possible mixture of different effects. The indica effects are great for consumers who want physical relaxation, and the sativa properties can bring on an energized mental state. As you conduct the search for your own favorite hybrid, don’t sleep on the following options.


Grease Monkey

This cross between GC4 and Cookies and Cream is the product of a long and storied lineage. As far as hybrids go, Grease Monkey leans heavily toward the indica side of things. It’s often associated with a deep body buzz that lends itself to sloth-like behavior. Prepare to move a little bit more slowly than usual as you prepare a big snack to satisfy your munchies. Consumers report feeling happy and uplifted, but too much will still put you to bed. It’s commonly used by people who want relief from stress, insomnia, or pain.


Nitro Cookies

Nitro Cookies also leans a little bit to the indica side of things and is one of the favorite hybrids for people who want to address pain, depression or anxiety. In larger doses, this flower will definitely help you get to sleep, and it’s definitely not intended for critical thinking or intense activity. Customers report that it slows their mind down just enough to help them relax and enjoy a book or movie. It’s well suited for a quiet night anyway because the sweet, fruity aroma will definitely draw some attention in public.


Lemon Chem

Lemon Chem is a perfect starting point for anyone who’s seeking true balance (both in flavor and effect) from their cannabis. It’s a pleasant mix between sour and sweet, relaxing and energizing. Lemon Chem’s true hybrid nature is a fan favorite for people who want to feel evened out while enhancing their general wellbeing. Anticipate relief for minor aches and pains and the enhanced mood that allows you to go out and enjoy your refreshed body.


Cookies and Cream

When you mix two heavy-hitting strains together, the result is generally awesome, and that’s certainly the case with Cookies and Cream. Exotic Genetix bred Starfighter and a secret GSC variety to create this popular new strain. Cookies and Cream took first place in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup hybrid category thanks to its wide offering of desirable qualities. It lasts long enough to provide daytime relief in small doses, and customers also use it as a nightcap to help get quality sleep. Those who swear by Cookies and Cream claim it’s everything a hybrid should be: a vehicle to relaxation, euphoria, and creativity.


Beastmode Kush

Beastmode Kush derives its name from a reference to Marshawn Lynch, a dominant NFL running back. Much like Beast Mode himself, this bud packs some serious power and will keep plugging along until it gets you across the goal line. It takes a lot to be worthy of this name, and Beastmode Kush earns it. Consumers report feeling soothed in both body and mind, which is just what you might want after an intense football game.


The Best Hybrid Strains in Colorado

Still not sure which of the above represent the best hybrid strains Cortez and Wheat Ridge have to offer? Fans of each strain will tell you their chosen one is the best, but the only way to know for sure is to try them for yourself. At Chronic Therapy, we cultivate more than 40 strains of expertly grown marijuana so you can always have a wide variety of great options. Come see us today to inspect our flower in person, or contact us online to learn more.


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