Marijuana Vaporizers FAQ

Vaporizers are a recent advancement and offer several advantages over older, traditional methods of smoking. They are becoming popular with users of marijuana and many sellers recommend using them. If you are considering purchasing a marijuana vaporizer or simply want to know more about them, this FAQ should help.
What Are Marijuana Vaporizers?
Marijuana vaporizers are devices that allow you to heat marijuana to the degree that it releases its chemical compounds, but produces no smoke. The vapor that is produced instead has all the associated chemical effects that smoking marijuana does without the damaging chemicals found in smoke.

How Are Marijuana Vaporizers Different Than Traditional Smoking Methods?

The traditional method of smoking marijuana exposes you to several dangerous chemicals such as tar. When smoked as a rolled cigarette or through a pipe, you are exposing your lungs directly to smoke. Even with the filtering effects of a water pipe/bong you still expose yourself to dangerous chemicals. With vaporization there is no smoke and therefore no exposure to the dangerous chemicals that smoke contains. Vaporization also does not require any kind of filtering before inhaling.
Are Marijuana Vaporizers Healthy?
While testing is still ongoing, the current research is very positive and notes several health advantages. When compared to traditional smoking methods, marijuana vaporizers are considered safer in several key areas. As noted above, vaporizing is not burning so there is no exposure to smoke or tar. Also reports point out less irritation and respiratory system issues in those that use vaporizers instead of smoking.
Do Marijuana Vaporizers Cause An Odor When Used?
As you are likely aware, smoke creates an odor that lingers around a room long after you’ve finished and also clings to your clothing. Another advantage of vaporizers is that they leave no odor behind. There can be a very slight smell, but that is usually caused by having your vaporizer’s temperature set too high causing the marijuana to burn. When used properly vaporizers have no issues with odor.
How Do Vaporizers Heat Marijuana?
With vaporizers you have several different options when buying one. Aside from how the vaporizers look and function, there are also differences with how they heat herbs. Some vaporizers lack a heating element of their own and must be warmed with a lighter. Others have their own built in heating sources run by batteries.
Why Are Some Marijuana Vaporizers So Expensive?
Some vaporizers can seem very pricey. The expense is generally based on the materials used in their construction and the technology employed. Many vaporizers are made of heat resistant glass, plastics that won’t melt, and metals. Also vaporizers with their own heating element are more expensive than those you have to heat with a lighter. Also, some vaporizers come with added features such as a digital temperature gauge. Price does not always guarantee quality. Cheap vaporizers can be every bit as useful as more expensive ones, but when you’re looking for a long lasting device with several useful features, a more expensive vaporizer may be a better choice.
Are They Hard To Use?
Vaporizers can be very easy to use. With the simpler models, one of the harder things to learn is how to load the device itself. Another thing that may take some time to master is the proper cleaning methods. As always, be mindful of heat as the vaporizer filling chamber and heating element will be hot during and after use. More advanced vaporizers may take longer to master, simply due to the fact that they have more features.
Do They Need Cleaning?
Proper cleaning and upkeep varies depending on what type of vaporizer you own. Many models require little cleaning aside from the removal of used herbs. While other vaporizers, such as glass vaporizers that require outside heat, need regular cleaning with cleaning agents. Most vaporizers can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol and dried with paper towels. Always read your vaporizer’s manual before cleaning it.
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