Strain Spotlight: Golden Goat

Golden Goat cannabis nugget

Golden Goat was created through a happy accident, much like the microwave, pacemaker, and chocolate chip cookies. The origins of Golden Goat go back to Topeka Kansas, where it came to be after accidental pollination. Since then, the long-lasting effects of this sativa-dominant hybrid have made it incredibly popular among customers who love strong flower.

Golden Goat Origins

Someone in a Topeka, Kansas grow house made a mistake– they accidentally let a male Hawaiian-Romulan cross-pollinate Mr. Dank’s Island Sweet Skunk. To understand all the goodness that goes into Golden Goat, let’s take a look at all three of the big players in its lineage:

  • Hawaiian – This popular sativa-dominant hybrid is a satisfying strain that’s perfect for a relaxing day of inspired thought. It inspires creativity, but perhaps not a ton of focus, and offers a subtly sweet tropical fruit flavor.
  • Romulan – Named after Star Trek aliens, this strong indica strain has some hints of potential sativa traits that lend themselves to intense mental stimulation. Overall, though, it’s most known for producing relaxing feelings of full-bodied relief and intoxicating calmness.
  • Island Sweet Skunk – The original mother of Golden Goat is renowned for producing energetic sativa effects. The tropical fruit flavor has dominant grapefruit notes that delight the tongue. The sativa energy is well-paired with a soothed mind and reduced muscle pain thanks to high CBD content.

With all that in mind, it’s easier to see why Golden Goat is such a beloved strain. It takes some of the best genetics from its parents and combines them to create delicious flavor and desirable effects.

Golden Goat Appearance and Smell

This strain typically comes in light green nuggets and may include some beautiful pink coloration. The little splashes of pinkish hues show some of its Hawaiian sativa roots. As far as smell, this flower will knock your socks off. It’s incredibly fragrant and offers a nice mixture of sweet, spicy, and sour. The earthy citrus fruit notes may remind you of a tropical paradise, and the effects completely reinforce that comparison.

Golden Goat Effects

Customers report feeling the benefits of Golden Goat all the way from head to toe, thanks in large part to its high THC potency which can approach percentages into the mid-20s. It offers some of the relieving properties associated with CBD, too, thanks to low levels of that cannabinoid (normally around 1%).
Golden Goat enthusiasts report feeling mellowed out because it relieves them from stress, anxiety, and depression. Feelings of contentment and euphoria can last for a couple of hours or more for most people, and the sense of happiness comes along with an energetic boost. Consumers feel uplifted enough to take on the world with Golden Goat– just make sure you bring a drink with you too, as it might make your mouth dry.
This plant has been used by medical patients to treat headaches, fatigue, and pain in addition to mental ailments like stress and depression. Recreational consumers report similar benefits, with most saying it makes them feel relaxed and energized at the same time. This hybrid is a good option when you want to leave the stress behind and focus on work or play.

Where to Find Golden Goat Colorado

Chronic Therapy is proud to offer Golden Goat to our customers. It’s rare for us to have this option because it’s a temperamental plant to grow, and we’re especially excited because it’s one of our most fragrant strains. Come see us in person to smell it for yourself, or check out our Wheat Ridge dispensary menu and Cortez dispensary menu to see all of our current offerings.
Image Credit: David B Schramm/Shutterstock

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