Captain Kush


If everyone has a little Captain in them, then they must be feeling pretty good. Captain Kush has a softly sweet and delicate pine flavor. The high is very uplifting and motivating in nature, making it ideal for use during the day or as a wake-and-bake. It starts with a euphoric rush of energy that clears your mind of any racing thoughts and replaces them with a sense of clear-headed purpose. As your mind builds in happiness, you’ll experience a feeling of tranquility and ease that relaxes you from head to toe. 


Captain Kush is a rare hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing OG Kush with Snowcap. This strain produces mild uplifting effects that slowly take flight. Captain Kush will gently relax you as your mind wonders without clear focus. 

Captain Kush has a neutral aroma and mild fruity flavors with notes of pine. The gentle nature of this strain makes it an ideal choice for new and veteran consumers of cannabis. 

Medical marijuana patients choose Captain Kush to help relieve symptoms associated with fatigue and depression. 


Growers say this strains flowers into pointy, dense buds that are heavily covered with curly amber hairs among light green foliage. Captain Kush originated from an unknown breeder. 

Slender spearhead-shaped wasabi green sepals, tightly opened pinecone calyxes, with frequent bursts of saddle brown pistils, and above-average coverage with average-length, thick-stalked hooked trichomes with average heads


It never was overtly potent and despite lasting a long time, we sort of lost track of the effects at times because they were mild and unobtrusive. In many senses, this is a good thing (this was a pretty clear-headed med suitable for a day of work), but we think that this one is best saved for newer patients and those seeing moderate relief which lasts a long time but doesn’t ever feel pushy. 

A moderate pulsing throughout the body and limbs was the signal that effects had begun, coming on rather smoothly and creeping up in potency over the first 20-30 minutes. While we didn’t really feel much of a change in mental energy or mood, but rather a gentle relaxation which had us able to concentrate on non-interactive activities, but fading out a bit when deep concentration and attention was required. 

It’s certainly not a “punch in the face” type of med, but rather a smooth Sativa that keeps you between mood elevation and relaxation with no negative effects or abrupt comedown. 

With an aromatic crisp, clean, sweet pine-citrus aroma that definitely brought to mind Snowcap and other similar strains. The flavors are sweet and piney making Captain Kush is an evenly balanced hybrid strain with one of the smoothest exhales you will ever experience.