Girl Scout Cookies

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With pro-marijuana legislation racing across the nation, there has been a sudden burst of creativity shining through the latest strains to hit the market. Girl Scout Cookies is one such strain that has been gaining notoriety for the last few years.


Girl Scout Cookies was originally achieved by crossing a traditional Durban Poison with an OG Kush. The result is an incredibly potent Indica-heavy blend.  It is also worth noting there are several phenotypes of this strain, including Platinum Cookies and Thin Mints.

Also known as GSC Strain, GSC, Girl Scout Cookies Weed, Girl Scout Cookies Strain. 


One of the properties that make Girl Scout Cookies so unique is its appearance. Soft green is run through by bright purple with just a hint of tiny orange wisps. It doesn’t look quite like anything else on the shelf and most users can easily pick it out of a lineup.

You will find that it has a mostly earthy scent with a slightly sweet dusting on top. Descriptions of the flavor include spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, with some people saying it’s reminiscent of pancakes. Overall, it’s a warm, slightly sweet flavor that makes it easy to enjoy for just about anyone.


For the most part, users report Girl Scout Cookies is great marijuana for stress and relaxation, but it will definitely put you down on the couch for a little while in large doses, so you should probably clear your schedule before you undertake your next smoking session.

Overall, it is recommended for those who need stress relief or a mood boost to overcome depression. One thing that makes this particular strain stand out is its CBG content, which is a lesser-known cannabinoid that can be used to treat loss of appetite.

As Girl Scout Cookies continues to stabilize as a strain and expands outward across the U.S., more people will have the opportunity to give it a shot. If you’re looking for a high-THC strain that will lift you up and help you relax, this is a great pick. Plus, the visual appeal and scent of the plant are particularly striking for those who can appreciate a finely grown bud.

If you are looking for somewhere to pick up marijuana for depression and stress, Chronic Therapy carries several varieties of Girl Scout Cookies, including Mint Cookies, Fire Cookies and Cookies, and Cream.