Strain Spotlight: Gorilla Glue Strain


Are you looking for a high like no other? The Gorilla Glue strain, appropriately named after the famous glue with out-of-this-world strength, may be what you’re looking for. Known for its hard-hitting, long-lasting effects, Gorilla Glue, especially Gorilla Glue #4, is a popular choice for serious connoisseurs.


Even the appearance and aroma of Gorilla Glue is a display of strength. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the fuzzy appearance of the trichome-covered buds. Next, you’ll probably notice the strong, earthy, rather pine-like aroma. If you could ever get a contact high just from being next to bud, Gorilla Glue would likely be the strain!


You’ve never really been high until you’ve been high on Gorilla Glue! The family includes a number of different varieties, such as Gorilla Glue #1, which is known for its strong indica properties.

By far the biggest fan favorite, however, is Gorilla Glue #4, which offers an intense, all-over high that hits harder and lasts longer than most weed. Expect to feel couch-locked! The extremely high THC content, which is generally at least 18 percent and as high as 30, has made it especially popular for chronic pain management and muscle spasms, while its relaxing effects make it ideal for treating insomnia.

Gorilla Glue Strain Origins

Gorilla-Glue_strainThe creation of the entire Gorilla Glue family was a happy accident when a Chem Sister plant accidentally pollinated a Sour Dubb. The grower initially didn’t have much luck with the resulting seeds and gave the rest away, but another grower later used them to establish the Gorilla Glue family, focusing especially on Gorilla Glue #4.

Gorilla Glue Strain in Colorado

Due to Gorilla Glue’s strength, the quality of the bud is especially important. At Chronic Therapy, we take care of each plant the way we would want our own personal bud cared for. The result is a high-quality experience you won’t find from just any dispensary.

Gorilla Glue isn’t for everyone. A strain this strong is best for experienced smokers and medical marijuana users. If you’re not sure whether this is the best strain for your recreational or medical marijuana needs, visit us at Chronic Therapy today. Our knowledgeable staff can answer your questions and help you find the right strain for you from our menu.