Sage and Sour


This sativa is a tasteful match between S.A.G.E. and Sour Diesel. The earthy scented flowery buds produce a high that is energetic and euphoric. Mostly the mind is affected on this strain, but your body won’t be disappointed.

Also known as Sage N Sour or S and S, Sage and Sour is a highly energizing sativa strain. Originally crafted by T.H. Seeds, Sage and Sour is the famously pungent Sour Diesel merger with their SAGE hybrid. The strain is so named for its distinctive aroma. The prevailing notes of sage are balanced by an earthy diesel, a distinguished homage to the scent profile of its parents. Some also report citrus and spice. Sage N Sour is moderately tricky to cultivate; therefore, those with some experience are recommended for growth.

Recognized for its balance, Sage and Sour delivers an uplifting, energetic, euphoric experience, making this strain ideal for daytime use. Those experiencing stress may gravitate towards Sage and Sour to move through their day with a fresh outlook and boost their mood.