Cookies n Chem Strain Review


Updated Feb. 2022

One of the most notable things about the Cookies N Chem strain is that it smells like cookie dough and is a bit like a lemon-based cleaner, hence the name. However, it is popular for its strong effect, as discussed below.

Cookies n Chem hasn’t been around long enough to become wildly popular yet, but we’re confident that it will make quite a name for itself soon.

Colorado residents who are interested in trying the latest and greatest cannabis strains might want to familiarize themselves with this option as soon as they get a chance.

People love the way it makes them feel, and it’s also well-reviewed by people who appreciate the complex flavor profile that combines sweet notes with pungent diesel and earthy overtones. To get a better understanding of what makes this hybrid strain so great, it helps to take a closer look at its origins.

Cookies n Chem Strain Origins

One of the industry’s leading breeders, Greenpoint Seeds, designed this brainchild known as the Chem Cookies strain. It is a hybrid cross among three other strains: Stardawg, Starfighter, and Girl Scouts Cookies. This unique strain is bred by Exotic Genetix and is also one of the most aromatic and packs an intense euphoria.

As the name implies, Cookies and Chem is a combination of Chemdog (also called Chemdawg) and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC).

Both of these strains are impressive on their own, so it makes sense that combining the two lineages would result in something truly special. Cookies and Chem really makes the most of its premium cannabis genetics by taking some of the best characteristics from each of its parent strains.

Chemdog’s origins are somewhat mysterious, but many people think it comes from a combination of Thai and Nepalese landrace strains. At any rate, people appreciate this strain because they report that it offers a pleasant mix of cerebral feelings alongside deep relaxation throughout the body.

This strain typically lets off an especially pungent smell, which should give people an idea of how hard it hits. It’s been used to create such strains as OG Kush and Sour Diesel in addition to Cookies and Chem.

If you’ve been following the cannabis industry for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard plenty about GSC, formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies. It’s a mix of Durban Poison and OG Kush (which means it already has some genetics from Chemdog).

It’s known for its sweet flavor, euphoric cerebral nature, and ability to soothe the body. GSC is the perfect strain to enhance and amplify Chemdog’s best qualities even more.

What to Expect from Cookies n Chem Strain

The first thing most people notice about Cookies and Chem is that the powerful smell goes right through the packaging.

There are delightful sweet notes, but this hybrid cannabis strain mostly just smells like someone had a gasoline spill in the middle of a forest.

As far as appearance, Cookies and Chem nuggets look a lot like what you’d expect from a hybrid– kind of medium in both length and thickness. They’re also absolutely covered in crystals, which gives them a sort of pale white look.

Effects of Cookies and Chem Strain

You might notice three things when you first try Cookies and Chem:

    1. It’s incredibly smooth.
    2. The sweet notes are more apparent on the exhale.
    3. The effects begin almost immediately.

Most of our customers report that they feel mentally stimulated after smoking Cookies and Chem. It’s also associated with balanced feelings of physical relaxation that come without a sense of heaviness or laziness.

Since it also seems to last a long time, it’s ideal for early-evening sessions when you don’t want to go straight to bed. A little goes a long way, so be ready to take it slowly.

The effects of the chem strain are almost instant and rather profound, depending on your tolerance levels. Here is an overview of what to expect:


This strain is one of the most powerful in the market as it has THC levels as high as 24%. Its main effects include calming the mind and relaxing the muscles, essentially putting you into a state of rest. It is ideal for getting rid of muscle fatigue after a long day at work. It can also help put your mind at ease when you are stressed or anxious.

However, this strain is only recommendable for experienced users with a high tolerance level to THC. It is also recommendable only when resting.


When you inhale this sweet chem strain, your tongue will pick up many senses. However, this most distinct taste is that of girl scouts cookies with a hint of lemon. Its smoke is rich in flavor, heavy, and smooth on its way down and back up your throat. However, it is essential not to get carried away, considering this strain’s high THC levels.


As mentioned earlier, the Cookies N Chem strain smells like a blend of cookie dough and lemons. The scent is enticing and confusing and, as such, easy to conceal. It is a distinct aroma that lingers around the room for several minutes, letting you savor its sweetness.

Where to Buy Cookies and Chem in Colorado

Come to Chronic Therapy to smell and see this strain for yourself. We’re confident that once you do, you’ll want to take some home with you.

On the off chance you’re not impressed, we’ll introduce you to our 50+ other premium cannabis strains. Stop by today!

Image Credit: Shutterstock By HubbardSteve