Strain Spotlight: Corleone Kush

Corleone Kush close up

Much like Don Corleone in The Godfather, this strain is to be treated with respect before it puts you in cement shoes. Corleone Kush is a go-to pick for customers who want to address pain or insomnia, because it brings incredible potency and indica-dominant effects to the table. Like must Kush varieties, this cannabis will whack stress and leave you feeling relaxed.

Corleone Kush Origins

Corleone Kush comes from two other heavy-hitters: Pre-98 Bubba Kush and SFV OG Kush. If you trace SFV OG Kush back even further, you can trace its roots all the way back to Afghani. That helps explain the heavy pine aroma in Corleone Kush, which has now taken on a spicy herbal flavor as well. Careful breeding processes helped Corleone Kush come out ridiculously strong even considering its legendary pedigree. Some samples have reportedly been tested with a THC content as high as 29%.

What to Expect from Corleone Kush

Corleone Kush comes in medium-sized nuggets with a soothing neutral green color. They’re extraordinarily dense, and the high THC content is evident from the generous dusting of trichomes on these flowers. The hairs on Corleone Kush aren’t slicked back quite like they were on Vito himself, but the sticky nature of this bud prevents it from getting too many wild hairs.

Corleone Kush Smell and Taste

The earthy pine smell is paired with pleasant spicy herbal notes, and in some cases, it can even be on the sweet or citrusy side. All told, it makes for a tasty smoke with just a bit of bite to it, but not as much as you may expect from such a strong flower. It makes for a smooth experience, and the effects start to set in not long after the taste hits your tongue.

Corleone Kush Effects

Some consumers have reported feeling uplifted by a short burst of energy because the high THC content can induce euphoria. That said, though, this is not what we’d typically recommend for a morning or daytime bud, because the indica effects are not far behind. Patients report that stress and pain are not long for this world after an encounter with Corleone Kush, which is probably why it helps combat appetite loss and insomnia as well.

Possible Side Effects of Corleone Kush

Despite an unusually high THC content, Corleone Kush doesn’t cause anxiety or paranoia for most consumers. The relaxed experience is attributed to this strain’s heavily indica-dominant nature. The only commonly reported side effect is a case of dry mouth, which isn’t too hard to deal with. Just load up on hydration to go with all of the snacks you’ll want.

How Best To Enjoy Corleone Kush

Corleone Kush is best suited for your end of the day routine. Grab some of this cannabis, a good movie, and plenty of snacks. Shortly after you smoke, you’ll be happy, hungry, and ready to lay down and relax. The Godfather is an obvious suggestion for movies to watch with this strain, but some customers would have a hard time staying awake for almost three hours to get through the whole thing.

Relieving Effects of Corleone Kush

Even some experienced smokers report feeling completely overwhelmed (in a good way) by this strain, so you might want to take it slow until you know how it will affect you. Either way, it’s a wonderful nighttime strain that will ease aches and pains to help you sleep soundly all through the night.

Where to Buy Corleone Kush CO

Our two Chronic Therapy locations in Wheat Ridge and Cortez, CO are home to some of the most impressive strains in the game. We stock it all from classic buds to newly-cultivated options. Visit us today to find Corleone Kush and some of our other favorites.

Image Credit: Michael Nosek