Strain Spotlight: Harlesin


This Sin City Seeds strain is one of the most popular strains in the world for therapeutic purposes because it was specifically created to have high levels of CBD. Medical patients and recreational customers both look to Harlesin when they’re looking for high levels of CBD with a moderate THC potency. If you’re interested in a soothing bud that can help you feel better without making you too intoxicated, Harlesin may be the one for you!

Origins of Harlesin Strain

Harlesin was created by Sin City Seeds when they crossed Pennywise and Harlequin. Harlequin is a hybrid that leans heavily toward the sativa side and is known primarily for offering high levels of CBD. The Harlequin lineage includes Columbian Gold as well as Thai and Swiss sativa landrace influences. Its earthy, flowery taste fits right in with its common consumption as a natural remedy.

People who smoke Harlequin often report feeling relaxed, focused, and happy. The uplifting boost of energy helps people go about their day while mitigating feelings of stress, depression, and pain. People use it to address physical ailments like pain and fatigue, and the high ratio of CBD to THC is also great for people who don’t want to become paranoid while smoking.

Pennywise also offers a high amount of CBD, which should come as no surprise considering Harlequin is one of its parents. This cross of Harlequin and Jack the Ripper makes for an excellent therapeutic strain, as the CBD to THC ratio is almost 1:1. People have reported to consumer Pennywise to address a wide range of conditions including all of the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer Symptoms
  • PTSD
  • Neurological Disorders

People say Pennywise makes them feel uplifted, focused, and happy. The most commonly reported effect of all is a deep relaxation, which can trend toward sleepiness for some people. Customers say it helps them with feelings of depression or stress, especially at night. This bud is popular among people who suffer from insomnia. In addition to soothing mental distress, Pennywise is also renowned for anti-inflammatory and relieving effects.

What to Expect from Harlesin – One of the Best CBD Strains

Since it comes from two of the best CBD strains in the world, Harlesin also offers tremendous therapeutic benefits. Some people start to feel a sort of Pavlovian relief as soon as the sweet berry aroma hits them. These little nuggets are made beautiful by their trichomes and orange hairs, and will release even more earthy scents as you grind them up.

Upon inhaling Harlesin, people are greeted by a surprisingly smooth smoke and flavor. Some people have compared the taste and aroma of Harlesin to a walk through woodland gardens. The very greatest thing about this strain is definitely the effects it can have. It’s one of the best strains in the world for CBD potency, and occasionally comes close to a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio.

The THC levels normally come in at about 8-10%, which is enough to produce noticeable effects without being overpowering. Harlesin offers a phenomenal CBD potency of 12-15%, making it one of the most relaxing strains available. People normally feel extremely happy after smoking Harlesin, so small doses can be perfect for a boost of motivated energy. Larger doses are good for nighttime use or long sessions on the couch.

Find Harlesin at Chronic Therapy

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Image Credit: Richard Podgurski Jr