NYC Diesel Strain Review

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Updated:  Feb 2022

If you’re a Colorado resident who struggles with social anxiety, you may have wished for a synthetic-chemical-free way to treat your jitters and tense muscles. You may be curious to know about types of cannabis that actually lend themselves to bringing out your more social qualities. NYC Diesel, a hybrid known for its chatty qualities without the paranoia that often accompanies Sativa strains, could become your new best friend.

Origins of NYC Diesel Strain

NYC Diesel is an award-winning Sativa-dominant strain of cannabis that is a hybrid of Mexican and Afghani landrace strains. You’ll notice citrus notes with a faint undertaste of diesel, which is where the name comes from. This strain’s true origin story is unknown, but it’s said to have come out of the New York area — hence the name.

While some consumers choose to avoid Sativa-based strains or hybrids that contain a lot of Sativa influence due to the energizing nature of these buds, many people have noticed that NYC Diesel feels slightly different. It may make you feel sociable due to the influence of the Sativa parent strain, but it has enough indica to balance out the “head” high and relax your body as well.

Effects of NYC Diesel

As a Sativa-leaning strain, you’ll notice the classic brain-based effects of creativity, focus, and talkativeness — which is why it’s so great for social anxiety — as well as the full-body relaxation common to hybrids. Unlike other Sativa-dominant strains that can leave already anxious consumers feeling paranoid or hyperactive, this strain is particularly liked for its absence of these unwanted effects.

If you’re using cannabis for medicinal reasons, this strain may be a good choice for those who smoke or consume their product in the morning. It doesn’t typically lead to sleep and can help you remain alert while focusing on tasks, but it can definitely cause you to reach for the snacks!

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Image Credit:  Roxana Gonzalez / Shutterstock