Strain Spotlight: PURPetrator


We love classic cannabis strains as much as anyone else, but right now we’re beyond excited about a relatively new development in the cannabis world. PURPetrator has arrived, and the quality of this indica-leaning hybrid makes us believe it’s here to stay. Its delightful combination of smells and flavors would make this bud a special treat in its own right, and the effects are out of this world, too. If you’ve been looking for a premium new cannabis to try, PURPetrator is definitely worth a shot.

PURPetrator Origins

PURPetrator gets its strong genes from Velvet Krush and Face Off OG, both of which are also impressive and well-reviewed. Velvet Krush is a mythical, limited release strain from DJ Short Seeds and his Blue Line of seeds. It’s known for its sweet, terpene-rich flavor profile with notes of flowers and berries. This parent strain of PURPetrator is an indica-leaning hybrid strain that hits people with an intoxicating body high without being too excessive. People normally feel extremely relaxed (but not completely glued to the couch) after a session with Velvet Krush. This is where PURPetrator gets some of the characteristics that induce a somewhat sleepy euphoria and melt stress away.

Face Off OG has been around since the late 1990s when Archive Seeds whipped it up in California. Descended from an offshoot of OG Kush, Face Off OG delivers a powerful indica experience. The name is certainly spot on because a few puffs will make you feel like someone has stolen your face right off your head. You might want to take a seat as euphoria washes over you and enables powerful creative thoughts that trend toward psychedelic. The intense cerebral experience comes along with a full-body relaxation, so this strain is a perfect companion for easing into a meditative state.

Archive Seeds created yet another hit by breeding their own Face-Off OG with Velvet Krush to create a one of a kind bud. They always do grade A work, but this particular strain is especially mouthwatering.

PURPetrator Taste and Smell

Crossing Velvet Krush with Face Off OG has made PURPetrator rich in dank, skunky notes in addition to the sweet berry flavors. We’ve heard someone compare it to eating a bag of skittles in a room full of kush smoke, and even that description doesn’t fully do it justice. This is the kind of flower you just need to smell for yourself because there’s nothing else quite like it.

If you want to keep the enticing smell to yourself, we highly recommend double bagging this one after you take it home– this bud brings some serious stink. Be prepared to share when you start grinding it up because cannabis fans will smell this from a mile away and want to give it a taste.

PURPetrator Effects

As soon as the earthy flavor clears your lips, be prepared to experience heavy indica effects. The tension will leave your body and mind almost at once, turning you into a bag of happy jello. This bud is great for nighttime smoking or lazy weekends because it will make you content to sit and relax exactly where you are. A few hits will ease you into a dreamlike state, and any more than that will have you actually dreaming once it puts you to sleep.

Where to Find PURPetrator

At Chronic Therapy, we pride ourselves on only carrying the finest strains, and this is one of our favorite ones yet. There are no words to do PURPetrator justice, so come in today and experience this heavy-hitter yourself!