Strain Spotlight: Red Dragon


Red Dragon is a mythical name, which is fitting for a flower with such legendary qualities. If you’re getting tired of feeling like every strain you try is the same old, same old, it’s time to shake things up with this sativa-leaning hybrid strain.

Red Dragon is sweet enough to be palatable for first-time cannabis buyers and complex enough to intrigue even the most experienced cannabis enthusiasts.

The interesting flavor is only one small part of what this bud brings to the table, but to truly understand what makes it so great we have to start with an understanding of its origins.

Red Dragon Origins

Red Dragon is the brainchild of the master growers at Barney’s Farm. It’s said to be a cross between Utopia Haze and a form of West Himalayan Kush. Utopia Haze is a South American landrace, likely from Brazil.

Its characteristics lean far to the sativa side of things, which is likely why so many people say Red Dragon is conducive to an energizing and giggly experience.

Since Utopia Haze is a landrace, we don’t have a lot of background or history about its specific lineage. What we can say for certain is that it ended up with excellent genetics.

West Himalayan Kush is a subset of Afghani Landrace strains. Many cannabis experts believe this is the part of the world where the first cannabis plants grew, which makes these landrace strains something of an ancestor of all modern cannabis. Red Dragon has especially close ties with cannabis heritage since it’s a direct descendant of an Afghani strain.

Afghani landraces are known for producing large amounts of resin, and they also have a reputation for inspiring a sense of calm relaxation. Those characteristics make it a good match for the sativa-leaning nature of Utopia Haze, helping to balance it out just a little bit.

Red Dragon: Taste, Smell, and Appearance

Red Dragon has a good amount of the spicy, herbal, and citrusy notes you would expect to find in a premium cannabis strain. Underneath that, though, there’s something else altogether.

There are exotic scents and flavors of sweet tropical fruit. This strain tastes like it should be a bright red color instead of a soothing green, but it does lean a little bit that way by growing long red hairs.

Effects of Red Dragon

The Red Dragon strain is a fascinating beast. Some have said that the heavily sativa-leaning hybrid can cause them to feel overstimulated or even paranoid after an especially long session, while others say they like to relax with it after a long day of work.

One way or another, you can expect this creature to rear its powerful head and take you on quite a ride not long after the sweet taste clears your lips.

While some people do report feeling a good deal of the indica influence, this strain is mostly associated with uplifting bursts of energy, creative thoughts, and plenty of laughter.

Definitely proceed with caution, because this strain often has a high enough THC content to launch you straight into the sky. The biggest complaint about the Red Dragon strain is how elusive it can be, as some say it’s one of the hardest to find.

Find Red Dragon at Chronic Therapy

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