White Fire Alien OG (WiFi Alien) Strain Review


Updated February 2022

White Fire Alien is a relatively new but popular marijuana strain in Cortez and White Ridge, CO. It tastes and smells good and has a calming effect that leaves consumers relaxed and content. Here is an overview of its origins and effects.

White Fire Alien OG is the brainchild of an elite California-based grower who goes by the name of OG Raskal.

This cannabis cultivation hero has been producing some of the world’s most elite cannabis strains in recent years, and this is further proof of his skills. White Fire Alien OG is a balanced hybrid strain that leans ever so slightly to the indica side of things.

It has a reputation for producing pleasant effects, and cannabis connoisseurs are also enamored with the taste and smell it gets from a complex terpene profile.

Origins of White Fire Alien OG

OG Raskal, a world-renowned marijuana breeder based in California, developed the White Fire Alien OG strain. It crosses the White, a three-way hybrid strain, and the Fire Alien Kush strain. OG Raskal is also the creator of several other popular strains, including:

This marijuana strain has a light-green appearance, and the buds are dense and compact. You can tell that it is potent by looking at it.

One of OG Raskal’s calling cards is that he likes to create new strains by crossing premium female plants with male Fire Alien Kush plants. Fire Alien Kush is another creation from OG Raskal, which he made by breeding Alien Kush with Fire OG.

Those impressive genetics give Fire Alien Kush heavy resin production, and the strain is known for promoting states of euphoria and relaxation all at the same time.

Another sought-after characteristic of Fire Alien Kush is that it often has a citrusy aroma like lemons with just a hint of pine. Some people have called this strain a perfectly-balanced hybrid, which made it a candidate for a breeding experience with The White.

The White was created in Florida by a breeder known as Krome, and its origins are mysterious. One thing we do know about The White is that it actually has three direct parents, a feat that can only be accomplished when a hybrid is created through clone-only cultivation.

For that reason, this strain was originally dubbed Triangle by its creator. Since then, fans of this near-mythical hybrid have started calling it The White instead because it’s absolutely covered by a thick dusting of white, shiny crystals.

OG Raskal must have been thrilled to get his hands on a clipping of The White, and we’re happy about it too– crossing it with Fire Alien Kush led to a new strain that got excellent qualities from both of its parents.

White Fire Alien: Taste, Smell, and Appearance

White Fire Alien OG is rich in the terpenes Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene, which combine to endow it with a spicy citrus smell. The first taste of this slightly-indica-leaning strain might be a little bit on the harsh side if you don’t brace yourself appropriately. You might be surprised by how much thick smoke you exhale.

Enjoy the complexity of that first taste because you may want to take a small break after your first lungful of this flower, which is often extremely high in THC. Most people start to feel these dense, shiny buds almost immediately after the smoke passes their lips.

Effects of White Fire Alien OG

At first, we were surprised by how many of our customers say White Fire Alien is their first choice of premium cannabis for after a long day of work. Then again, it does make a lot of sense because the balanced effects seem tailor-made for a mid-evening experience.

Some people say this strain makes them feel cerebral enough to hit the reset button after a stressful day, while it’s also said to melt away tension in both the mind and body.

The White Fire Alien OG strain is 60% indica and is popular for its feel-good effects. Here is an overview of how it differs from other strains.


This strain aids in relaxation by design, both physically and mentally. One of its most immediate effects is that it keeps your mind from racing, making it ideal when struggling with unpleasant thoughts. It also helps the muscles relax and let go of the tension. Enjoyers can use this strain to help cope with stress, anxiety, and mild fatigue or pain.

However, it is worth noting that large doses of this strain will make you feel sleepy. It is advisable to take this strain of marijuana when planning to relax or have fun.


This strain tastes both sweet and somewhat bitter, like lemon. It is worth noting that the unique taste can get you to smoke more than you intended to, so try to pace yourself.


The Fire OG Alien strain has one of the most intoxicating aromas. Its scent has distinct traces of lemon, which goes down well with its sweet lemon taste. It credits its lemon aroma to the Fire Alien Kush strain.

Shop White Fire Alien in Colorado

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It would be hard to choose just one, and luckily you don’t have to. Still, we strongly recommend you look into White Fire Alien OG when you get a chance.

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