Tangie Power


There are many different measures by which a cannabis strain can be measured. Growers and their plants can be measured by yield size, level of terpenes, and other metrics. For most people, though, the best cannabis flower is the one with the highest level of potency. The recent results of The Grow-Off’s second adult-use competition in Colorado have just crowned a new award-winning cannabis strain in that regard. Our own Tangie Power brought home first place by achieving a stellar 28.2% THC. This prize-winning Sativa strain of cannabis is definitely worth looking into.


Tangie Power got a good start thanks to superior genetics. It’s similar to the Tangerine Dream strain of cannabis that was insanely popular in the 90s. With parents like California Orange and a Skunk hybrid, it was destined for greatness. It grows well inside, and especially outside. As the name suggests, it has a strong, sweet, citrus flavor. The plant flowers quickly and produces big yields, which makes it even more appealing for some growers.


Tangie, like many Sativas, gives consumers a wonderful clear-headed sense of euphoria. Customers report feeling both uplifted and creative. For medical patients, this helps replace stress with happiness. Some consumers have reported huge decreases in depression as well as pain, fatigue, and even eye pressure. This is definitely a good daytime flower because of its ability to induce happiness without causing drowsiness.

The most common negative side effect reported is dry mouth by far. Some consumers also report dryness in their eyes. Feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness are much less prevalent. The dry mouth and dry eyes are relatively easy to overcome if you have some eye drops and a nice refreshing drink. Best of all, consumers feel so wonderful after using Tangie that they rarely seem to mind having red eyes.


Tangie is one of the hottest strains on the market after its big win in the recent Grow-Off. It’s easy to see why people love it so much because of the potency and stimulation, as well as its medicinal benefits. To find the best Tangie bud for sale, visit us at Chronic Therapy. You’ll be greeted by an impressive selection and helpful budtenders. One visit to our establishment will make it easy for you to understand why our growth efforts are so successful. Come to enjoy our premium product today!