Wi-fi Tahoe


This flower is super pungent with definite sweet notes on both the aroma and the taste. The high will open and clear your mind while your muscles will feel quite relaxed. The dynamic high from these nuggets is well balanced and great for a mid-summers day smoke. In order to keep up with modern competition, this strain is now wireless.

Looking to hone your focus? Meet the true OG. This custom blend, hand-selected by the OG’s, is designed to enhance the best elements associated with the strains. Sweet notes comprise the aroma and taste of this strain. It’s a dynamic high ideal for a mid-summer’s day.


WiFi Tahoe is a member of the OG family. This hybrid originated from OG Raskal as a cross between White Fire OG, and Tahoe OG. It is said that OG Raskal selected phenotypes that expressed the best of the OG strains. WIfI Tahoe is noted for its profoundly tangy and woody flavor profile, boasting earthy, pungent, sweet notes.


An Indica dominant strain, WiFi Tahoe is heavily cerebral. Users note increasing motivation and focus. Boosting creativity and energy, this strain is sought after by those who are looking for enhanced mental clarity. WiFi Tahoe won’t leave you glued to your couch. Many love the strain for feelings of laziness throughout their body.

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