Five Best Cannabis Strains for Overcoming Insomnia

There are many reasons for using medical marijuana, but insomnia is a common reason that we hear from many of our customers. Luckily, the relaxing effects of indica strains are especially helpful for combating sleeplessness, making these generally the best strains for insomnia.
So if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning and you’re researching the best strain for insomnia, rest easy. You’ve found the right place!
Here are a few suggestions that you’ll find on our weekly menu at Chronic Therapy.


White Widow

If all you need is a little help relaxing, White Widow might be just the thing. This refreshing, citrus-y strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, but it offers a strong mental buzz without much of a physical effect.

Blue Dream

This minty-tasting hybrid is known for its strong effects. While smaller doses are used for a social high, you’ll want to take more for a couch-locked or sleep-producing experience. Definitely talk to one of our experienced staff about the appropriate dosing for this one.

Girl Scout Cookies

This earthy polyhybrid strain has a taste like mint and chocolate that will linger in your mouth. The effect is some physical reaction but mostly cerebral. Take note of its high THC content, though, and if you have anxiety-based insomnia, you might want to try something else.

Bubba Kush

This indica strain is fruity and fun, but be warned that it may make you cough. Higher doses will help you sleep, and the long-lasting effects will help you stay asleep, too. This is another one you may want to discuss with one of our experienced staff to determine the proper dosage.

OG Kush

Like its cousin Bubba, this indica strain is a strong one, with a powerful impact on both body and mind. Its three- to four-hour high will help you get some good shuteye before it wears off.

Chronic Therapy

If you’re researching marijuana and insomnia in the middle of the night, we’re afraid there’s nothing we can do for you right now, but if you come on down to Chronic Therapy during the day we’ll be happy to discuss your options with you.
We’re proud of our experienced budtenders, our passionate staff and, most of all, our marijuana. Come visit us and we’ll do our best to find something to help you sleep!

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