For those who want to experience the mental and physical effects of marijuana products but don’t want to smoke, a wide range of marijuana edibles have made their way into the market. These edibles feature concentrates derived from many popular strains of marijuana and allow you to consume small doses throughout the day.


There are several notable differences between smoking marijuana and eating edibles when it comes to measuring the correct dosage. It’s important to note that when you eat edible marijuana products, your body metabolizes the THC and other chemicals differently than it does when you smoke. This means that the effects come on slower and last significantly longer. With the correct dosage, you can ease into a comfortable mind/body effect and ride it out all day long.

However, if you take too much, you may not feel anything for a while and then be suddenly overwhelmed by the intensity of the effects, making it very difficult to focus or get anything done at all. Overconsumption of edibles can be dangerous, although there have never been any deaths. The most common symptoms are extreme paranoia and confusion.

When you first pick up an edible product, it is extremely important that you read the back of the label and understand how many doses are in the product. A single cookie or brownie may actually be two or more doses. If you have never used edibles before, you should probably start with less than one dose to get a feel for how your body reacts differently than with smoking. You should also pay attention to whether you are consuming these edibles on top of a full or empty stomach as this can speed up or slow down the effects.

Edibles can be a great way to experience the positive effects of marijuana as long as you take things slow and experiment with dosage to find the perfect amount for you. Chronic Therapy offers plenty of quality edibles in Wheat Ridge year round. Just check out our online menu to see what we have in store today.


You may be surprised at the huge variety of edibles that are now available at any dispensary serving Wheat Ridge, Denver, Lakewood, Arvada, Golden, and Westminster. While many of us are familiar with the term “pot brownies,” the edible industry has actually evolved to include a collection of sweet and savory foods as well as beverages. There are many marijuana-infused candy bars and cookies, but there are also pasta sauces, jerky, nuts and plenty of healthy, calorie-conscious options. You can even get cannabis-infused butter and cooking oil to add to your non-cannabis foods.