Hybrid Strains

If you’re relatively new to cannabis, it may be surprising when you realize how different all the various strains can be. Depending on the strain you choose, it can have totally different effects. Some people will feel uplifted and energized after consuming one strain, but sleepy and relaxed with another. Hybrid strains are a good place to start your journey with cannabis because their effects are normally fairly well-balanced.

What Are Hybrid Strains?

Simply put, hybrid strains are a mix between indica and Sativa strains. Indica, Sativa, and hybrid are the three main categories people use when discussing cannabis. Those labels are not a complete way to describe the effects of a specific strain, because they don’t take specific terpenes and cannabinoid potency into account. That said, though, they’re a good general starting point for categorizing cannabis.

Before you can fully understand what to expect from a hybrid, it’s important to know the differences between Indicas and Sativas. Indica strains are most commonly associated with a soothing, relaxing effect, which some people call a body high. People often report that stress, pain, and anxiety melt away with Indica strains, which makes them great for nighttime sessions. A lot of indica enthusiasts like to enjoy one of these strains right before they get ready for bed.

Sativa strains, on the other hand, are more commonly considered to be good daytime cannabis. They’re associated with uplifting, energetic feelings, and the cerebral feelings from smoking a Sativa are often referred to as a head high. People normally say that Sativa strains might make them giggle uncontrollably, think more creatively, and feel more immersed in deep conversations. These strains might be perfect for when you have some chores to do, or still, want to be active.

Hybrid strains, then, are anything that’s between a pure indica and a pure Sativa. Most strains are hybrids and will provide a mix of indica and Sativa effects. Some people think hybrids offer the best of both worlds. They create a balanced effect in both the mind and body and can make people feel relaxed without getting too weighed down or sleepy. They’re a great choice for people who find the experience of either pure Indicas or pure Sativas to be too intense.

Are All Hybrid Cannabis Strains the Same?

No two strains of cannabis are exactly alike, and this seems to be especially true with hybrids. Since hybrid strains cover the entire spectrum between indica and Sativa, they can be wildly different and still fall into this catch-all category. Some hybrid strains are extremely indica-dominant, while others are Sativa-dominant. In those cases, the strain will affect people almost exactly like an indica or Sativa, but perhaps to less of an extreme. Other hybrid strains are extremely balanced and will offer a pretty even mix between indica and Sativa effects.

Benefits of Hybrid Cannabis Strains

Cannabis can affect everyone differently, even if they’re consuming the same strain. This has to do with things like our specific body chemistry, and even our mindset, so everyone will have to do a little bit of experimenting to find the best cannabis strain for them. Hybrids are great for beginners because people can see how it affects them, then make adjustments with different strains once they’ve started in the middle of the spectrum.

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