An in-depth yet simple look into the world behind the budtenders…


During the Pre/Early Veg Stages – Our growers begin the growth process. Our growers start by:

Germinating Seeds (link to Definition) or taking Clones from a Mother Plant – Typically here at Chronic Therapy, our Professional growers take clones off of mothering plants. This gives them the upper hand in regards to successful specimen selection. Once Clones have been watered on a daily cycle and have proven themselves as strong and healthy specimens – the growers can then move clones into early vegetative rooms from their tent to begin their growth process.


After each clone has been deemed a success and gone through the normal growth for a clone the growers can then transplant the clones into larger pots. This will allow the clones to extend their root-base and begin growing into actual Marijuana plants.




Time spent in Veg (4-7 weeks on Average)

During the first few weeks of the vegetative state, the focus for our growers is on extending the root growth and helping the plant get on a successful watering cycle. The growers do this through the following methods:


Watering the plant daily (amount depending on the plants’ intake cycle and the dryness of the dirt).

While in Veg the plants are given a particular mixture of plant nutrients to help the plant development. This mixture will be different than the mix of plants in clone or flowering stages.


Pruning the plant involves removing lower extremities of the plant that may be taking nutrients from healthier sections of the plant. Removing these lower and weaker branches allows the plant to focus on the healthier and stronger parts of itself. De-fanning the plant also allows the growers to help remove useless fan leaves that otherwise take nutrients from the important parts of the plant.


Once the plant has grown, expanded its root base and has become strong our growers are then able to transplant the plant into a larger vesicle – This allows the root base to continue its growth. This will often time be the final transplant before entering the flowering stage. However, it may be weeks (depending on overall plant health) before they are moved into their flowering rooms.


Transitioning from Veg to Flower

Now that our plants are ready to Flower, there is one thing the growers would like you to know:

Flowering in the cannabis plant is triggered by the new light cycle (often times 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness). It is very important to make sure the facility being used is light-sealed correctly so that no revert (link to definition) occurs in the plants.

Flowering Plants

  • While in the veg state – the growers mention that veg plants are watered on a daily cycle. Once a plant begins its flowering the water cycle changes to every other day. This is often times when a new mixture of nutrients is added to the water to help the young flowering plant with their growth and intake.
  • A typical flowering cycle is 9 weeks (strain Dependent). The first 1-3 weeks of flowering the plant are typically beginning to grow the majority of its stalk, leaves, branches, and buds. During this stage, the majority of the plants pruning and de-fanning will need to take place. Like earlier stages – pruning and de-fanning help the plant focus on the stronger and more productive areas and also to help light penetrate deep into the depths of the plant itself leading to a solid production of buds all around.
  • During weeks 3-7 the plant is at its highest level on nutrient intake – leading to exponential growth in the size of the plant, buds (including the trichomes and colas) (link to definitions). All of these are extremely important and together help make up the best marijuana available in Colorado.


Flushing (Weeks 8 and 9)

  • Flushing (link to definition) the plant is done by the growers at the end stages of flowering. Flushing the plant allows the growers to basically clean the soil of any remaining nutrients the plant is not in-taking which creates a smooth and clean smoke once the plant is harvested and started its process to our shelves.


Once the plants have finished their 9 week cycle it is time for the growers to hand over the reigns to the Trim team to handle the following:

  • Cutting Down the Plants
  • Initial Trim
  • Drying/Curing (Link to Definition)
  • Final Trim
  • Final transfer to the Shelves where a budtender will help guide you straight to the strain perfect for you and your needs


As a team of dedicated growers, we would like to encourage you all to do your own research. We hope this gives you a slightly more in-depth look into the world of cultivating cannabis. Although we are not able to divulge our deepest and best secrets, we as a team aim to educate our customers and help the community understand as a whole what cannabis is, how it is produced and the overwhelming benefits it can bring to individuals and communities around the country.


Chronic Therapy is committed to providing premium hand trimmed recreational cannabis. Our dispensaries are conveniently located in Wheat Ridge & Cortez, Colorado and we currently cultivate 40+ strains of expertly grown A+ cannabis.