It used to be that cannabis enthusiasts were always focused on indica strains, sativa strains, and hybrid strains. One of the many interesting things about this plant is that the strain you choose can greatly impact your experience. In recent years, we’ve become aware that the difference between different cannabis strains goes much deeper than indica, sativa, or hybrid. 

When you learn about terpenes, you’ll start to see how these organic compounds contribute to the unique flavors, aromas, and effects of different cannabis strains. Terpinolene is one of the most prevalent terpenes in cannabis, making it an excellent place to start your education about terpenes.


What is Terpinolene?

It will be easier to get a basic understanding of terpinolene once you know where else it occurs in nature. This terpene is also found in apples, lilacs, nutmeg, and sage. You might be noticing it when you smell soaps, perfumes, lotions, or insect repellents with floral, citrusy, and piney aromas. The fresh scent is just as pleasant as it is complex.

Of course, terpinolene is also found in a wide variety of cannabis strains. Research published by Leafly indicates that roughly one out of every ten strains is considered terpinolene-dominant. Even though it’s present in so many plants, terpinolene is normally only a small (but important) part of the overall terpene profile. Strains with a lot of terpinolene may be indicas, sativas, or hybrids, but it’s very rare to find much terpinolene in a high-CBD strain. That may change as more growers focus on breeding new strains with more diverse cannabinoids beyond THC.

What Does Terpinolene Do?

When you start looking for studies about Terpinolene’s effects, one of the first things you’ll see is that it’s believed to be an antioxidant. Studies have shown a positive effect of antioxidants like this one on heart disease. We’ve also heard some people say that strains with a lot of terpinolene may be especially soothing and relaxing, though that will also depend on the other terpenes and cannabinoids in a strain.

Where to Find Strains With Terpinolene

Here at Chronic Therapy, our dispensary menu includes strains with all different types of terpene profiles. Visit us in Cortez or Wheat Ridge, Colorado, to see which of our premium strains have the terpenes you’re looking for. Our knowledgeable budtenders will be able to provide further guidance as needed.

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