Flower & Types Of Cannabis

Edibles and concentrates are starting to get attention, but cannabis flower is still king. This classic way to enjoy cannabis is at the root of everything in the industry, and the world’s best growers are hard at work cultivating superior strains. We at Chronic Therapy have refined our growing and harvesting process to provide all types of premium strains.


Do Different Cannabis Strains Have Different Effects?

Different strains of cannabis can have incredibly unique effects, even when their THC potency is almost identical. This was a mystery for many years, but recent scientific research is starting to help us understand the differences between different types of cannabis. We normally categorize flower into three main categories.

Main Cannabis Types

Every strain is unique, but most people label cannabis with one of three general types:
Indica – Calming indica strains are perfect for people who want to unload stress, soothe their body, and get to sleep. Indicas are normally best for nighttime smokes before eating, relaxing on the couch, or going to bed.
Sativa – Sativa strains are associated with uplifting boosts of happy energy, which makes them great for earlier in the day. The heady feelings from Sativa may enhance social settings, outdoor activities, and creative pursuits.
Hybrid – Simply put, hybrid strains offer a mixture of Indica and Sativa effects.

Cannabinoids and Terpenes in Cannabis Flower

THC is the main cannabinoid that produces psychoactive effects. A flower’s CBD level also plays a role, and terpenes create an entourage effect that modifies how the body processes cannabinoids. These organic compounds are believed to play a massive part in giving different cannabis strains their unique effects.

How to Buy Cannabis Flower in Colorado

When you want to find the best flower around, look for a few key signs that might give you an idea of how good it is. You can tell a lot about a strain based on the way it looks and smells. Different cannabis types will offer a variety of aromas, but your flower should generally have a healthy, powerful fragrance. A strong smell means that the cannabis is loaded with terpenes and will be more potent.

Visual clues include color, bud structure, and shine. Good flower will come buds that don’t have a lot of openings where you can see the stem. High-quality cannabis strains may show a rainbow of colorful undertones, but they should all have a beautiful green color. Like with other plants, green is a sign of health, while brown flower could be unhealthy or mistreated.

An abundance of trichomes is perhaps the most important sign to look for when you’re analyzing cannabis flower. These little glands hold cannabinoids and terpenes, which are ultimately responsible for a strain’s effects. Cannabis types with lots of trichomes will glisten from their dense layer of THC-a and terpene laden glands!

The easiest way to get premium strains is by choosing the right source– find the best Colorado dispensaries, and you’ll get good flower.

Cannabis Flower at Chronic Therapy

We at Chronic Therapy are proud to offer some of the finest cannabis flower in Colorado from our locations in Wheat Ridge and Cortez. Our friendly budtenders have excellent product knowledge, and they can help you explore all your options to find the best strain for you. By working with the best cannabis growers in Colorado, we’re able to provide more than 50 different strains. Our commitment to quality even helped us win The Grow Off 2018 First Place Flower Potency award.

Explore our dispensary menu online, or stop by in person to find some of the strongest cannabis flower strains in Colorado.