Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals are becoming increasingly popular because they allow people to target their daily cannabinoid routines. While ingestible forms of CBD or THC go through the digestive system to distribute cannabidiol throughout the entire body, topicals can be applied directly to the affected area.

For example, someone who only wants CBD for their knee can apply a topical product on their knee and nowhere else for a focused approach. Alternatively, people who buy cannabis topicals for their skin can apply it just as they would any other skin product.

This is an excellent development for everyone from athletes to the elderly because it allows them to take greater control of their daily regimen. Cannabis topicals are available in a variety of different forms like cannabis balm, cannabis lotion, and cannabis salve. Each of these products is similar to some of the other topical products you may already be using, except that they’ve been infused with natural cannabis.

Cannabis Balm

Like other kinds of balm, cannabis balm is a popular choice among people who wish to enhance a general sense of wellness as it relates to their skin. Some less natural balms may contain ingredients like salicylic acid that are intended to act as exfoliants but can actually make the skin even drier.

Whether or not you choose a balm that’s been infused with cannabis, we strongly recommend choosing a product that contains natural ingredients instead of potentially harmful ingredients like acid.

When using cannabis balm, use it as instructed by the packaging. The instructions will likely seem familiar if you’ve ever used similar types of balm before (either with or without cannabis).

You may want to tailor your daily routine slightly depending on the specific cannabis balm you buy and the part of your body where you wish to apply it. Normally it’s as simple as rubbing balm to the affected area or applying lip balm to your chapped lips.

Cannabis Lotion

Skincare experts who put faith in cannabinoids to inspire a general sense of wellbeing have begun infusing classic lotions with cannabis. The addition of this natural ingredient is intended to make these specific products even more appealing to people who perceive a need for lotion. Like any lotion, the application is as simple as rubbing it into your skin. If you’ve been disappointed by other lotions in the past, it’s possible that cannabis lotion could be the product you’ve been looking for.

Since lotion can be applied externally almost anywhere on the body, it’s a popular choice for people who are interested in buying cannabis topicals.

Some people buy cannabis lotion for their faces, while others buy it for rough skin patches on their elbows or knees. Next time you’re looking for a lotion to address an itch you can’t scratch, consider cannabis topicals.

Cannabis Salve

While most types of cannabis topicals can penetrate the skin to the muscles, ligaments, and other tissues below, salves are most popular among people who are interested in that kind of application.

People who want a cannabis topical for their joints or to promote a sense of wellness as they recover from workouts are most likely to purchase a salve. Simply massage it gently into the relevant area, then apply additional layers as desired.

Topicals at Chronic Therapy

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