Indica Strains


Different types of cannabis can have a whole variety of awesome effects, and plants can be labeled as Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid between the two. Choosing the general type will help you narrow down the search for your perfect strain. Indica strains are especially popular among people who want a calm cannabis experience. If that sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place! Learn more about the characteristics of indica strains to decide if it’s the best type of cannabis flower to fit your needs.

What Is an Indica Strain?

Indica cannabis plants are normally shorter and bushier than other strains of flower. These plants typically have wide leaves, grow quickly, and produce a high yield. In some (but not all) cases, cannabis indica strains will offer a higher CBD potency than you might get from Sativa plants. Some evidence suggests that CBD will temper the psychoactive effects of THC, which is worth keeping in mind as you shop for an indica strain.

What are the differences between Indica and other cannabis strains?

Indica is best known for creating a body high characterized by physical relaxation, increased appetite, and a calm sense of happiness. To highlight what makes indica strains different, it’s easiest to compare them to other cannabis types:

What are the effects of Indica strains?

This term is normally used to imply that the cannabis flower will produce mellow, soothing effects. A calm mental state coupled with looseness in the muscles to create a heavy feeling of relaxation throughout both body and mind. People who love indicas report that these strains melt away any feelings of stress, anxiety, and pain. These strains may supply a little rush of dopamine that stimulates the brain’s pleasure center to bring on happy thoughts.
Indicas have also been associated with increased appetite, so pick one up when you’re planning to chow down on some of your favorite snacks. Since this type of cannabis is so tied to feelings of calm relaxation, it’s most commonly used at night. Venture to the indica side of things when you want a cannabis flower to relax on the couch with before turning in for a night of deep sleep.

What are the effects of Sativa strains?

Cannabis sativa is known more for producing stimulating mental effects, or a head high. Some people still like Sativa strains to relax, especially if they’ve been feeling stressed or anxious but still want to have more energy. The experience of a Sativa is a little bit more intense, so some people prefer it for going out instead of staying at home.
Uplifting Sativa strains can pair nicely with doing chores, engaging in a deep conversation, or taking a long walk outdoors. This type of cannabis flower may increase the flow of serotonin, and some people say it makes them feel waves of euphoria and creativity. It’s normally used during the day, especially by people who still want to be active.

If you want something in the middle, a hybrid strain might be best for you. There are indica-dominant hybrids, Sativa-dominant strains, and options with very balanced effects.

Where Can I Buy the best Cannabis Flower in Wheat Ridge or Cortez, Colorado?

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