Strain Spotlight: Apocalypto

Apocalypto cannabis strain

Apocalypto is a sharp, potent sativa-dominant strain with high THC levels. People seek it out for its long-lasting effects and reported ability to replace stress with an upbeat cerebral rush. Every aspect of this flower from form to function reeks of premium cannabis. Cannabis connoisseurs who have already discovered Apocalypto say these fluffy nuggets are worth their weight in gold.

Apocalypto Strain Origins

Apocalypto was always destined to be a heavy hitter– it has the breeding pedigree of a prize race horse. Swamp Boys Seeds developed Apocalypto by crossing Sour Diesel and Georgia Pine. For people who have already spent some time in the cannabis community, Sour Diesel needs no introduction. In case you haven’t tried it yet, suffice to say it’s a potent sativa that rose to prominence in the 1990s and has earned a place in the cannabis hall of fame. It’s most known for inducing energetic bouts of extreme happiness.

Georgia Pine was originally developed by Sough Boys Seeds as their take on a balanced and powerful hybrid. Even experienced cannabis enthusiasts report feeling a powerful rollercoaster of effects that descends from the highs of sativa exhilaration to a relaxing indica body buzz. The optimal mix of heady and soothing qualities make Georgia Pine an option for either social events or laid back nights at home.

Swamp Boys Seeds realized they had something special on their hands with Georgia Pine, so they crossed it with Sour Diesel to make it even more legendary. As you explore this bud, you’ll see how their work has paid off.

Appearance, Taste, and Smell of Apocalypto

The shape of Apocalypto buds will vary depending on how it was handled, but it often comes in large, fluffy buds with a large dusting of crystals. As you grind those buds up, they’ll release a pungent scent that fills the room. When the first wave of smell hits you, it may come across like a pile of fruit drenched in gasoline. Once you get used to how strong the top notes are, you may start to pick up other earthy aromas like flowers and citrus.

One of the best things about Apocalypto is that it hits all over the flavor spectrum without being too overpowering. The scent is definitely strong enough to fill a room, but that actual taste is surprisingly smooth. Don’t let the easy smoking fool you into taking this bud for granted, though, because a freight train of sativa effects are headed your way.

Effects of Apocalypto Strain

Apocalypto starts off as a refreshing burst of energy that revitalizes the senses, then follows it up with just enough of a haze to clear the mind. People generally report feeling uplifted and inspired without being too overexcited. A creative state of euphoria lends itself nicely to creative pursuits, deep conversations, and occasional cases of moderate to severe giggles.

Some people like to use Apocalypto during the day because of how much it enhances their experience of life. If you plan on choosing this strain for daytime use, we certainly recommend starting slow and taking it easy with the dose. It packs enough of a punch to leave you wondering when exactly you ended up on the couch with all those snacks.

Where to Buy Apocalypto

We at Chronic Therapy proudly carry over 50 strains of the best cannabis in Colorado between our Wheat Ridge and Cortez locations. Apocalypto is a worthy addition to the dispensary menu, and we look forward to sharing this flower with our customers. Stop by either location today to explore all of our cannabis offerings.

Image Credit: HubbardSteve