Strain Spotlight: Blue Dream

Blue Dream: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid Strain | Chronic Therapy

Blue Dream is one of the most-sold strains in the state of Washington, and now it’s becoming increasingly popular in Colorado as well. It quickly started making the rounds after originating in California. That’s partially because growers appreciate the short flowering time and high yields, and partially because consumers absolutely adore this hybrid strain. If you’ve been looking for a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that looks beautiful, tastes great, and produces balanced effects, we highly recommend Blue Dream.

Blue Dream Strain Origins

Blue Dream is a combination of Blueberry and Haze. With genetics like that, how could it not be impressive? The Blueberry strain won the Cannabis Cup for Best Indica back in 2000, cementing its place as a legendary strain. Blueberry was created by the famous cannabis breeder DJ Short, who worked with landrace strains and developed genetics over many years. Blueberry is most known for its fresh and fruity flavor as well as its reported ability to make stress and pain melt away, replacing those feelings with relaxation and euphoria.

Haze has been around since the 1960s when it started to rise to popularity in California. It has a pleasant spiciness to it, but the Haze genetics mostly became popular because of the desirable feelings this strain is said to inspire. It’s a favorite among people who are looking for a new daytime strain, in large part because of the uplifted feelings most people associate with the Haze strain. The most commonly reported effects include happiness, euphoria, creativity, and increased energy. This makes it an interesting choice for balancing out a heavy, relaxing strain like Blueberry.

Blue Dream Smell, Taste, and Appearance

Depending on how it’s been handled, Blue Dream often comes in popcorn nuggets that are small or medium in size. What they lack in size, they more than makeup for in quality. Before you even get close enough to get a good look, you’re likely to start smelling the sweet blueberry aroma along with notes of pine and peppery herbs. The aroma is strong and unmistakable, so this might not be the right flower for anyone who’s looking for a sneaky session.

Blue Dream tastes just as good as it smells, too, so this strain has become increasingly well-known among flavor chasers. Finally, the buds are absolutely beautiful. If you get a large bag of these popcorn nuggets, you’ll find some that are very symmetrical and some that are interestingly shaped. All of them will be dusted with a nice layer of shiny trichomes, and you can find some orange hairs poking through the sparkle.

Blue Dream Effects

Blue Dream is an excellent choice for people who appreciate hybrid strains. It does lean a little bit more toward the energizing, sativa side of things, which makes it good for people who want to become relaxed but not incapacitated. Fans of this sativa-dominant hybrid strain typically say they feel euphorically happy, yet relaxed at the same time. This state of uplifted serenity is ideal for creative pursuits or times when people still want to stay active.

Buy Blue Dream in Colorado at Chronic Therapy

Here at Chronic Therapy, we have 50+ strains of cannabis, and now that includes Blue Dream. You can find premium hybrid strains at our locations in both Wheat Ridge and Cortez. Since we cultivate our own marijuana strains, we know exactly where our flower comes from and can confirm that it is grown with great care. We work with the best growers in Colorado, so come see us today to find premium strains like Blue Dream.