Strain Spotlight: Ghost Train Haze

ghost train haze cannabis strain

Ghost Train Haze has been making a name for itself as one of the strongest strains on Earth. Bred by Rare Dankness, it’s frequently measured in the 20-25% range for THC potency, and has tested even higher than that on some occasions. This powerful sativa is popular among consumers with significant experience who are looking for a special experience. It’s already won a first place award in the High Times Cannabis Cup US Sativa competition among others.

Origins of Ghost Train Haze

This strain was derived from a cross of Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck. Ghost OG is a hybrid variant of OG Kush, and it’s known for producing a balanced experience that affects both body and mind. It has a pungent citrusy scent that hints at the power within this flower. The effects certainly don’t disappoint, because consumers say it produces powerful feelings of joyful relaxation that make them feel better without derailing them.

Nevil’s Wreck is difficult to grow, but the delightful taste and powerful sativa effects make it completely worthwhile. Herbal earthy notes deliver a satisfying natural spice that’s evident in both the smell and flavor. Reviewers report feeling happy, creative and focused, which makes it a great bud for daytime relief. As physical and mental discomfort fade away, a shot of energy helps consumers stay active.

What to Expect From Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze combines some of the best characteristics from both Nevil’s Wreck and Ghost OG. It starts with a lemon citrus aroma that includes some floral notes, and our customers normally find love at first sniff. The green buds are covered with a generous dusting of crystals, which gives an obvious visual hint about just how strong this experience will be.

Since this strain is so potent, a little bit goes a long way! Microdosing with Ghost Train Haze leaves many of our customers feeling focused and creative, while larger amounts have been known to leave people feeling stunned. Even experienced cannabis lovers have reported that this strain can make them feel almost psychedelic after they’ve consumed large doses.

Since this flower is so strong, some people say the experience is too intense when they consume too much too fast. It’s powerful enough to last for more than a couple of hours, and most people like to use little bits throughout the day for exactly that reason. Even though this bud normally makes people feel energetic, the right amount can also help consumers relax enough to stay on task. One too many puffs of Ghost Train Haze can derail your day, so we definitely recommend that you start low and go slow!

One of the interesting things about Ghost Train Haze is that it contains especially high levels of terpinolene. This particular terpene helps give the strain some fresh herbal notes that remind many of pines or flowers. Researchers are still testing terpinolene to uncover all of its effects, but the early consensus is that it brings out the natural relaxing feeling from cannabis.

Where to Buy Ghost Train Haze

We at Chronic Therapy are extremely proud of our Ghost Train Haze strain, and it seems like we’re not the only ones who love it. While we do not grow the Ghost Train Haze at our Wheat Ridge  or Cortez locations; it is grown at our Aurora facility, however, has yet to be sold as flower, but is available as a live resin. Our customers regularly say this is one of their favorite options, and it also just won the Rooster Cup.

Stop by and visit us today to see and smell this strain for yourself! Our friendly budtenders will be happy to tell you more about it, and then you can take it home and try it out for yourself.

Image Credit: Brandon Crawford