Best Cannabis Edibles at Chronic Therapy

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Cannabis edibles are some of the hottest products on the market right now. They come in a variety of different flavors and textures, so there’s something delicious for just about everyone. Regardless of your taste preferences, you’ll be able to find a type of cannabis edible that’s just right for you. Our friendly budtenders are always happy to help you explore our entire dispensary menu of cannabis edibles, and you can start your search by exploring some of our favorite options below.


The Forte Collection Edibles

These decadent cannabis edibles come in a six-piece package of beautiful chocolate truffles. The one of a kind colors and flavors make these some of the fanciest edibles available in the world. Coda Signature is a leader in the edibles business, and this product is one of their flagship offerings. It’s easy to see why the Forte Collection won first place for the people’s choice of best edibles in the 2017 Colorado THC Connoisseur competition.

The six truffles are divided evenly into three unique flavors, and each piece contains 10mg of THC. The tiramisu flavor offers notes of brewed espresso with dark chocolate and sweet mascarpone. The next two truffles combine sweet milk chocolate with dark roasted hazelnuts. Perhaps the most ambitious truffles of the group, the Forte passion truffles are filled with tart passionfruit and accented with a subtle hint of Szechuan pepper.


Forbidden Fruit Edibles

Part of the reason people love edibles is that they offer a great way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without ever requiring the inhalation of smoke. Health and wellness enthusiasts may be especially excited about Forbidden Fruit. These products are some of the healthiest and most natural edibles available since they’re all made with real dehydrated fruit.

These fruits are dehydrated in small batches, then infused with a cannabis concentrate distillate. Since these natural cannabis edibles are just fruit and THC concentrate, they’re completely vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and low in sugar. Forbidden fruit makes a perfect cannabis-infused snack for the person who likes to stay active and healthy. Pick some up before your next hike in the mountains!


Assorted Baked Goods From Love’s Oven

Baked goods are still one of the best ways to get baked with edibles, and Love’s Oven makes some of the highest quality options in the industry. They use their own THC and CBD extraction methods to get a consistent dose in every bite. They start with premium flower, rely on some of the best extraction artists in the world, and finish their products with natural ingredients from right here in Colorado. Pick up some of these assorted baked goods to create a great snack spread at your next party or movie night.


TasteBudz Gummies

TasteBudz produces their THC edible gummies in small batches to maintain maximum control over the flavor and effect of their products. They proudly announce that they make the first strain-specific gummy in Colorado, and all of their candies are handmade from scratch. Their commitment to quality drives them to use the best concentrates in Denver when they make their gummy edibles. They test their oil to ensure that it tests at over 70% THC before including it in their process.


Where to Find the Best Cannabis Edibles in Denver

We at Chronic Therapy are proud to offer some of the best edibles in the world from our locations in Wheat Ridge and Cortez. Our budtenders can help you explore all the options to ensure you’re finding the best edibles for your specific tastes. Stop by today and shop our dispensary menu.


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