Best Strains for a Happy Thanksgiving

Best Strains for a Happy Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving season is coming up in a hurry, and it’s never too soon to start getting festive. If you’re looking for the best Thanksgiving cannabis strains, there are a few things that might be worth considering. When a connoisseur selects a premium cannabis strain to be the perfect companion for this holiday, they might ask themselves the following questions:


  • Am I primarily focused on finding a flavor that will pair with my Thanksgiving feast?
  • Will I be cooking with the strain? Or will I just be smoking it before, after, or while I eat?
  • Am I looking for something that will boost my appetite before the big meal?
  • Do I prefer an energetic strain that might give me a boost after I fill up on turkey?


Questions like these can go a long way toward helping you determine which cannabis strain or strains you prefer for the big day. Now that you have some idea of what you’re looking for, consider some of our favorites.


Poontang Pie

You can’t have Thanksgiving without pie! Poontang Pie is an indica dominant hybrid that combines Tropicana, Grape Pie, and Papaya. There are plenty of pine notes that are perfect for a fall day in Colorado, plus some sweet hints of citrus. Many of our customers say this strain gives them a pleasant head buzz that gently gives way to a warm sensation that fills the entire body.


Tangie Power

The strong citrus notes from this strain make it a perfect pairing for cranberry sauce. It also has a reputation for delivering tingly euphoria that fills both body and mind. The balanced hybrid effects make it a winner for any stage of your Thanksgiving celebration.



This strain is famous because of its reported ability to produce deep states of euphoric relaxation. If you want to have a laid back Thanksgiving, put a football game on, and fall asleep, this might be a nice strain to try. This Indica has a reputation for being especially calming, so check it out if you’re worried the dinner conversation might turn political or otherwise heated.


Blue Dream

This sativa strain has sweet blueberry notes, which makes it a great dessert. It’s also known for producing stimulated cerebral states, so it might come in handy after a heavy meal. Our customers say they choose this strain when they want to feel physically relaxed but still be up for some exciting conversation with their favorite cousins.



This balanced hybrid has plenty of sweet notes, so it’s a great option if you’re looking to create an infused dessert this Thanksgiving. The combination of mental euphoria and physical relaxation also makes it a popular choice for the holiday. Many report that the effects of Gelato come on quickly, so your typical long walk before dinner can get a little bit shorter. Gelato genetics can be found in our Maroon Baboon (Gelato x Grease Monkey)!


Buy Thanksgiving Cannabis Strains in Colorado

Chronic Therapy offers dozens of strains, many of which have won awards. There’s something for just about every taste and preference, so stop by to stock up for the holiday. We’ll connect you with all of our best Thanksgiving strains!

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