Growing the Best Natural Cannabis: The Guiding Principles

Growing the best natural cannabis incorporates equal parts of art and science with the most beautiful and potent results. Not only has the marijuana landscape exploded with a variety of sativa and indica strains, but also hybrids of the two that capture the best qualities of both. Along with the explosion of strains, there has been increased interest in growing at home

If you’re looking to cultivate your own cannabis, read on for tips and advice about growing it naturally, with harvests of big, beautiful buds that would make any dispensary proud.

Going Organic

One of the most important parts of growing cannabis is how you choose to treat your plants. There are lots of chemical fertilizers available that might seem like a good idea because they’re so effective at spurring growth. However, harsh, chemical-heavy growing methods lose a lot of their charm when you consider that whatever you use to raise your plants is also going to be in your harvest. That’s why most growers choose a more organic approach.

Organic growing provides a lot of other benefits, too, such as:

  • a much easier option than hydroponic growing, even considering the need to amend the soil
  • don’t introduce excessive salt compounds to the plants
  • automatically provide balanced pH levels
  • reduce the need for caustic chemical fertilizers or poisonous pesticides
  • result in more appealing, aromatic, and potent harvests

Getting Started

The growing method you choose will have its own set of quirks and requirements. It’s true that growing a plant is pretty much the same everywhere, but there’s a lot of room for variation depending on whether you’re growing indoors or out, the size of your grow space, the strain you choose, and many other factors. There are many excellent guides to growing cannabis, often focused on a particular grow method. To get started with a successful crop, you’ll have to learn the basics of overall growing, as well as the specifics of your chosen method.

Knowing Your Gene Pool

Growing the best natural cannabis isn’t just luck. You have to start with seeds or clones that have a good genetic profile. While it’s possible to cultivate seeds you find, purchasing seeds from a seed bank is actually one of your best options when it comes to starting your grow on the right foot. No matter how good your growing skills are, if you’re starting with less-than-stellar stock, you can expect a less-than-stellar harvest.

Lighting it Up

Starting with an effective growing method and good stock will definitely increase your chances of having a great harvest, but without enough light, even the best stock won’t flourish. Many novice growers make the mistake of using regular incandescent bulbs or compact fluorescent lights, but these won’t typically provide enough light unless they’re present in large quantities. Lighting is about balance, too. You can give your plants too much light, so don’t burn them, and don’t starve them. Commercially available grow bulbs can ensure your plants are happy and healthy.

Keeping Warm, Maintaining Humidity & Airflow

Temperature and humidity are two factors that can greatly affect your plants and their production. Typical daytime temperatures for your plants should be between 65-80°F when they’re flowering. Nighttime temperatures shouldn’t fall below 68°F or rise above 75°F

The proper humidity levels are also very important, as this promotes lush, healthy growth during the vegetative stage. It should stay at around 40%, and should not fall below 25%. If the humidity falls too low, you can easily add moisture to the environment, but be careful not to overdo it.

During the flowering stage, your plants will prefer a little less humidity. Lower humidity levels during flowering can help prevent mold and spur the production of trichomes. If you find you have too much or too little humidity, you can look into a humidifier or dehumidifier to help regulate your grow space.

Air quality is also important to your plants. Having proper ventilation and a good flow of air can help spur your plants to offer up their best buds, so make sure you don’t have your plants locked in a stuffy space. Remember, the larger your grow space and the more lights you have, the better your airflow and ventilation will need to be to keep your plants healthy.

Growing it Right

Growing your own marijuana plants can impart a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Learning how to properly cultivate cannabis in a natural way can lead to excellent harvests of beautiful buds. As you learn the principles of growing marijuana naturally, you’ll find that you appreciate your harvests even more than you thought you would.


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