Meditating With Cannabis: A Beginner’s Guide

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Ring the Tibetan singing bowl and light a bowl of cannabis.

Meditation is a calming, introspective, and spiritual journey of the connection between mind and body. Finding a quiet room and meditating for a while is soothing and centering. That’s why the trend of incorporating cannabis into your meditation routine can be an excellent tool to augment the experience. Who doesn’t want to puff a pre-roll and aum?

Grounding Yourself

When complimenting your kundalini or trataka session with flower, make sure that you are already in a state of grounding yourself. Do breathing exercises, remind yourself where you are, and set an intention. It is important not to rely on cannabis to achieve a placid state of mind, as addiction and dependency can still happen with cannabis.

Elevated Sense of Consciousness

The purpose of meditation is to achieve an elevated sense of consciousness, to connect with dimensional energy, and to be in tune with your body. Cannabis is a great tool for opening the third eye and amplifying the crown chakra. Make sure to know what strains affect your body in certain ways.

Best Cannabis for Mediation

An indica is going to overly ground you and make you feel drowsy or too relaxed. A sativa energizes cognitive function and allows for a heady, revelatory meditation session but could also be overstimulating and distract from your intentions. One of your best bets is a sativa-dominant hybrid, one that lets you relax your body and experience the grounding while achieving enlightenment and insight in your third eye. Some people seek out the heaviness and intensity of an edible, such as a 1:1 gummy. There is a ritualistic aspect to grounding flower, packing a pipe, and conflagrating the bud, though. It’s nice to breathe in the smoke and do breathwork, tasting the flower and its terpenes. The smoke mingles with the environment and can add a sacred element.

Meditation and Cannabis

Once you select your flower or edible and enjoy it, allow it to move through your body. Be in a quiet environment and have no distractions. Give thanks to the earth and to cannabis for manifesting into your life. Overall, be at peace with yourself and connect with the universe. Enjoy your cannabis-fueled meditation.

Prep Your Session with Chronic Therapy

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