The 411 on 4/20 for 2021 in Colorado

  • The best celebrations require preparation. Make sure to shop around beforehand to find great cannabis products and deals.
  • Responsible cannabis consumption is essential. Never drive under the influence of cannabis and make sure to follow all applicable COVID protocols.
  • For a wide range of strains and cannabis products, stop by Chronic Therapy. With locations in Cortez and Wheat Ridge, our goal is to help you find the ideal product for your needs.

Just because most public events are still canceled and COVID restrictions are still in place, there’s no reason to put the kibosh on this year’s 420 celebrations, as long as you do it safely. Even when you follow the necessary protocols, you can still have fun and partake in the cannabis culture that defines the holiday. If you’re struggling to find ideas for celebrating 420, make sure to read the guide below.


Be Prepared – Buy Early

Holidays are a time for sales. From Memorial Day to Labor Day to Black Friday, retailers offer discounts to bring you in over long weekends and peruse their fine selection.

Well, 420 isn’t an official day off, it’s still a holiday that brings out the best deals of cannabis retailers. While it is possible to find a great deal the day of the celebration, you may also find yourself facing long lines or out-of-stock items. Not only can this force you to push back any celebration, but it’s also not ideal for maintaining social distancing. For those reasons, one of the best ways to celebrate 420 is by buying your cannabis and related products ahead of time.

At Chronic Therapy, our Cortez and Wheat Ridge dispensaries offer some of the best strains for 420. Each of our locations also offers regular discounts, as well as some phenomenal 420-related deals.

For edible fans, we carry mouth-watering, delicious dark chocolate bars from Blue Kudu. Those that prefer flower can browse our wide selection of high-quality strains, including those from our house brand. We also carry concentrates, topicals, and prerolls. Whatever your preferred method of cannabis consumption, you’ll find something that makes you happy at our shops.


Too High Is Not the Goal, Is It?

It’s easy to overindulge on 420. It’s the Thanksgiving of cannabis culture, so bongs, dabs, and other goodies will likely be passed around for easy consumption. While there’s nothing wrong with having a good time, moderation is still critical.

Most of us have experienced what occurs when we partake in cannabis festivities. For some people it causes them to become overly paranoid. Others may hit the munchies pantry a little too hard and feel weighed down by the cookies, chips, and other snacks. Some may even skip the party and end up napping all afternoon.

No matter what your experience is when you over-engage in the festivities, it’s best to avoid those situations entirely. If you think you may have trouble, pair up with a buddy and help each other know when they’re reaching a level of cannabis consumption that may take them down the road. It’s also important to know your tolerance level so you can be aware when you’re approaching it and need to take a break.


Have a Socially Distanced 4/20 Gathering

Spending a year inside, like many of us have done, isn’t easy. With spring in the air and late sunsets quickly approaching, 420 may seem like the perfect excuse to let loose and hang out with your closest friends again. Social engagement is important to maintain healthy and stable mental health, but everyone must follow COVID protocols. That does mean that any huge, indoor house parties should be avoided. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t safely see your friends and celebrate with them.

If someone has a sizable backyard, you should have enough space to place chairs six feet apart and have everyone bring their favorite piece, strain, or edible to enjoy. This lets you enjoy each other’s company at a safe distance. You should make sure the yard isn’t publicly accessible, as it is against the law to consume cannabis in public spaces.

Zoom or other virtual meeting software can also let you meet up with friends, even those that don’t live close by. You can spend the time catching up, showing off your new cannabis gear, and even playing games. Most laptops and tablets come with all the equipment you need, and plenty of software provides free accounts or trial periods.


Don’t Drive Under the Influence

Unfortunately, many cannabis consumers still live under the impression that it’s okay to smoke and drive. Let’s be clear here: driving under the influence of cannabis is dangerous, illegal, and unnecessary. If you’re going out to celebrate, you should plan on taking a rideshare service there and back. If you’re staying in, make sure to rely on delivery options to get food.

The local police are well aware of what goes on on 420. They are likely to be out in force to ensure the roads are safe. They may stop any car that’s driving recklessly or too slow. They’ll have an eye out for hotboxed cars or puffs of smoke that escape through a window only at intermittent intervals.

For cannabis culture to continue, it’s important that those who consume it act responsibly. This is important enough to reiterate: do not drive under the influence of cannabis.


Make Your 4/20 Great With Chronic Therapy

Chronic Therapy is your go-to dispensary for recreational cannabis in Colorado. Our locations in Wheat Ridge and Cortez offer high-quality, low-priced products. We currently have over 50 strains throughout our two dispensaries, and we’re happy to help you find the right one for you. Make sure to stop by today so you can celebrate 420 the right way, especially with these incredible 420 deals at the following locations:

Wheat Ridge:

  • Wyld- 20% off all Wyld products
  • Tastebudz: 25% off all Tastebudz products


  • Green Dot 20% of all Green Dot carts from 4/19 &4/20
  • Wyld Buy 2 get one for a penny from 4/15/21 to 4/20/21
  • Dadirri 25% off from 4/18/21 to 4/24/21
  • Incredibles 25% off all products from 4/18/21 to 4/24/21
  • Batch: POP up on 4/20 outside.
  • Evo lab 25% off every weekend in april

In house 4/20 deals:

  • 25% off concentrates
  • 15% off regular shelf

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