What Is CBD Oil?

Thinking about using CBD oil for pain? CBD is cannabis oil made from the flowers of the plant. Because of the way it is produced, it has a high concentration of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are a powerful active ingredient in cannabis and give it much of its medicinal power.
Many people who want to maximize the pain relief they experience from cannabis use CBD oil. It’s great for those who can’t use other common methods of consumption. For example, many patients want to avoid smoking medical marijuana, and some can’t stomach edibles.
For anyone who wants a powerful, yet gentle experience, CBD oil is ideal.

Cannabis Oil is Convenient, Powerful and Effective

CBD oil can be made from the flowers of almost any strain of cannabis, so it can vary in potency like other options – though, ounce for ounce, it tends to be one of the most potent you can get. This makes it popular among those wanting fast, long-lasting relief.
What is CBD oil used for? It can be vaporized and inhaled, one of the most popular ways to use it. If you experience pain in specific parts of your body, CBD oil can be added to topical treatments so you can rub it directly into the target area.
There are some other great benefits, too:

  • You can’t get high from vaping or directly applying CBD oil;
  • It works quickly and provides relief for a wide range of issues;
  • Lower doses can be used for preventive care to promote health.

The medical benefits of CBD can’t be understated. CBD oil has been used to manage serious diseases like leukemia, cancer, seizures, inflammation, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, stress, anxiety and many others. Your doctor can help you figure out more about the best way to use CBD for you.

To Find Out More about CBD Oil, Visit Chronic Therapy

At Chronic Therapy, we’re dedicated to helping people in Colorado find the best medical and recreational marijuana products for them. That includes CBD oil and a wide range of other options to meet any need. We’re always available to help you decide.
CBD oil is one of the most popular products we offer, but there’s much more. We invite anyone to visit us and find out more. You can come to our Wheat Ridge location or contact us to get answers to your questions. We look forward to meeting you!

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