What Are Terpenes and Why Do They Matter in Cannabis?

Terpenes are fragrant organic compounds that give each cannabis strain its signature taste and smell. You can think of them as essential oils, just like you can get from other plants. Cannabis experts have recently realized that cannabis terpenes affect much more than the flavor, though. We’re starting to understand that the terpenes in cannabis …

diamond days at Chronic Therapy July 2019

Diamond Days – July 2019

Cortez Diamond Days: July 10th to July 13th Wheat Ridge Diamond Days: July 10th to July 12th Don’t miss these GREAT Cannabis Deals in Cortez and Wheat Ridge! All Live Resin/Badder/Diamonds $25g+tax and $20g+tax for 4-8 grams. All wax/shatter $15g+tax Ask your budtender for specific location deals Visit our Dispensaries for Additional Details

The Best Hybrid Strains | Chronic Therapy

The Best Hybrid Strains at Chronic Therapy

Cannabis enthusiasts are looking for the best hybrid strains Wheat Ridge and Cortez have to offer. Crosses between indica and sativa strains are increasingly popular because they often offer the best possible mixture of different effects. The indica effects are great for consumers who want physical relaxation, and the sativa properties can bring on an …