The Top 4 Indica Strains at Chronic Therapy

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It seems like some customers are always searching for a new recreational dispensary with the best indica strains. They’re looking for the best flower deals Colorado has to offer, and the indica effects are especially popular for people who want to relax. Indicas are known to many as a perfect cannabis for the end of the day. They might not make you feel energized, but they certainly help consumers let go of stress as they prepare for bed.


Extreme Cream

Extreme Cream is a descendent of Cookies and Cream, and customers can definitely tell the two are related. Extreme Cream does bring its own intoxicating aroma, and also happens to be one of the strongest indica strains on our menu. Our customers say that this strain is perfect for addressing stress, depression, insomnia, and pain. It will also restore your appetite, so prepare some great snacks and a refreshing beverage to keep your mouth from getting too dry.

Not long after the earthy, sweet butter notes wash over your tongue, Extreme Cream will have you feeling relaxed, happy, and probably a little bit hungry. There’s a good chance that your sleepiness will outlast your euphoria, so save this creamy treat for the end of the day.



Purpetrator tests slightly lower for potency than Extreme Cream (normally right around 25% for THC content), but it also offers some of the most intense indica effects on this list. Customers say it’s particularly “stoney,” and it has terrific earthy notes. This bud is definitely nice and stinky, which is part of the reason customers like to stay at home with it. They also like to be close to their couch because this bud will definitely leave you feeling relaxed and ready to veg out.


303 Kush

At right about 20% THC content, 303 Kush is the mildest smoke of the bunch when it comes to both potency and flavor. Its sweet aroma is perfect for when you want to relax without something too harsh. This strain is a Colorado original, and customers have been loving it thanks to both its taste and its effects. Pungent earthy diesel tones give way to an incredibly complex flavor profile that includes coffee and spice. Unlike coffee, this strain is perfect for relaxing at the end of a workday. Most customers report feeling relaxed, euphoric, and occasionally creative.


Corleone Kush

Corleone Kush offers about the same potency as Purpetrator (the mid-20s for THC content percentage) but usually has larger colas. Customers love the big buds as well as the earthy sweetness that reminds some of black licorice. Some consumers report feeling energized at the onset because Corleone’s powerful effects can create a bit of a rush. Those feelings of excitement soon subside and give way to a sleepy relaxation. If you’re looking to soothe pain and relax before bed, Corleone Kush is a great option for you.


Best Flower Deals Colorado

When you’re looking for a recreational marijuana dispensary with the best indica strains, look no further than Chronic Therapy. We cultivate 40+ strains of expertly grown premium cannabis, including a wide menu of powerful indica strains. Come find all four of the strains mentioned above, or ask our budtenders to walk you through your other options. There’s something for everyone, and our friendly staff will help you find all the best indica strains for you.

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