5 Most Popular Medical Cannabis Strains at Chronic Therapy

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All medications have side effects and work differently for different people. Marijuana is no exception. With a variety of strains on the market, it can be as difficult to find the best strains in Wheat Ridge as it is to find any medication with little to no side effects. Not all marijuana strains are suitable for treating all medical conditions. Some work better for daytime use, while others are exceptional as a nighttime relaxant. Here’s a quick list of some of the top marijuana strains you can pick up at a local Chronic Therapy dispensary.


Girl Scout Cookies

When you need to relax after a stressful day dealing with more invasive medical treatments or a tough time at work, a few hits of Girl Scout Cookies might be exactly what you need. This OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid is well known for its super comfortable high and exceptional pain relief properties.

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As a Harlequin sativa-dominant strain, this bud gives you all the pain fighting and anxiety relief you could want, without the loopy-feeling and euphoric high you get with indica blends. The 5:2 ratio of CBD to THC means you have a top medical marijuana strain for daytime use. Plus, this strain is also effective in combating anxiety and depression without the possible paranoia side effect that comes with some strains that lean more toward THC production.

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Ghost OG Kush

When you need a little bit of everything that a good piece of bud can offer, Ghost OG Kush is the strain you’re looking for. It’s sweet, and citrus smell and flavor are mild enough for pretty much any palate, and it is a great all-round strain. It has a great balance between mind and body effects, so you can use it for serious anxiety relief or a bit of help with pain, nausea, stress, depression or any of the other issues that marijuana is known to treat.


Bruce Banner

If you suffer from pain, stress, depression, fatigue or headaches, this bud named after the mild-mannered Incredible Hulk alter-ego is a great option. Every hit packs a powerful punch of THC that goes into effect quickly but settles down into a nice, cerebral buzz.

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303 Kush

A definite indica-cross, 303 Kush is a great option for when you need a little help to relax at night. The full-body high is social and euphoric, so you can let off the full steam and battle your chronic insomnia with a few, timely hits.
Check out some of these great medical marijuana strains at Chronic Therapy. We have dispensaries in Wheat Ridge and Cortez, so be sure to stop by.

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