Understanding Microdosing Cannabis

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If you’ve been researching options for medical marijuana you have probably come across the term “microdosing” a time or two. Microdosing cannabis has recently become a prevalent means for MMJ users to manage their symptoms day to day, but it is also popular for creatives who want to open up their mind space without losing their motivation to create. There are many reasons you may want to learn how to properly microdose.


What is Microdosing?

As the name suggests, microdosing is simply a system of taking minimal doses of marijuana. There are many ways to administer this dose, but many people choose edibles and vaping as their primary microdosing methods, while others choose to smoke.

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Why Microdose?

The theory behind microdosing medical marijuana is a novel one. For many people, marijuana may help improve many of their symptoms, but it also comes with numerous side effects like couch-lock, anxiety and more. Users of medical cannabis are often forced to choose between treating their symptoms or leaving them untreated to avoid the negative effects that could impact their ability to drive or work. Microdosing allows you to lower your dose to a point where you feel the positive effects of CBD while minimizing all of the extra stuff. The perfect microdose is the one that takes the edge off without lifting you completely out of your body.


There are other benefits of microdosing as well. For instance, many people believe it helps avoid building up a strong tolerance for MMJ. Also, microdosing allows many people to function throughout the day by keeping a small steady dose working in their body. It helps prevent the rollercoaster ride of taking a large dose and then coming back down over and over.

Getting the Right Dosage

The real challenge with microdosing marijuana in Denver is achieving the perfect dosage in the first place. It is highly recommended that you write down your dosages in a journal and keep track of the effects while you are experimenting. Start with the smallest possible dose and work your way up incrementally. You will need to be very judicious in your measurements to be sure that you are keeping your dosage steady for this to work.


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