A Guide to Marijuana Concentrates

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You are undoubtedly aware that the myriad benefits of marijuana are currently being researched, scrutinized and utilized as never before. This is partly due to the legalization of marijuana in several states, as well as the rise of medical marijuana consumption. It’s not just about smoking it to get high anymore – not by a long shot.
Cannabis concentrates are considered extremely potent and can be found in a variety of formats. Basically, the label “concentrate” can be applied to pretty much any cannabis product that is derived by the process of extraction. Certain solvents, including CO2, butane and ethanol, are used to extract cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, and the extractions may result in THC percentages as high as 80%, while others have non-psychoactive compounds like cannabidiol (or CBD.)
Science has shown that extractions high in CBDs can provide analgesic pain relief, contain anti-inflammatory properties or anti-anxiety effects without any “stoned” or “lightheaded” type of results that those rich in THC create. Additional benefits have been discovered, including anti-nausea, anti-epileptic properties, and bone strengthening. CBD is ranked second only to THC and is becoming more widely used in current marijuana applications.
CBDs History and Application
Although the development of CBD was originally intended to deliver beneficial results without THC’s psychoactive effects, medically speaking CBD has shown promise in treating several conditions. It can potentially provide help for hard-to-treat diseases like Crohn’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, and Dravet Syndrome, a debilitating type of epilepsy in children. When used in the treatment of Dravet, a tincture is typically used on the younger patients. While this is still considered controversial and is federally illegal, the FDA is monitoring ongoing studies of CBD for this particular condition.
Names of CBDs
A few of the CBD strains currently available include Cannatonic, Charlotte’s Web, Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. Certain strains are hybrids, or combinations of CBD as well as THC.  You can find a wide array of these through research and/or talking with a qualified cannabis dispensary tech, like those at Chronic Therapy. A few of the others available are Digweed, Critical Mass, Zen, Shaman, Warlock, Valentine X, and the list goes on. Depending on what conditions you wish to treat, a consultation with a knowledgeable dispensary tech can provide you with excellent suggestions.
Anxiety Reduction
Anyone suffering from PTSD obviously wants to reduce anxiety as much as possible, therefore a CBD strain is preferable to one that’s primarily rich in THC, as CBDs have no psychoactive effects. Those dealing with pain from arthritis and other muscular, skeletal and joint issues often prefer to use edible and/or topical versions of medical marijuana as opposed to smoking. As you can tell, there are many reasons someone might prefer to employ the health-related aspects of CBDs to using THC products.
Where to Find and Purchase Cannabis Concentrates
A premium dispensary is your best bet when it comes to getting detailed descriptions of benefits, ways to use the concentrates, as well as ease of purchase. You need look no further than Chronic Therapy, located in Wheat Ridge, CO. We carry a wide range of top-quality medical and recreational marijuana products. You’ll find not only concentrates for every need, but also edibles, flower and topical versions of premium cannabis products. Currently more than 40 strains of A+ marijuana are available at Chronic Therapy, and all are expertly grown. Open seven days a week, Chronic Therapy is your one-stop shop for all things cannabis.

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