Five Ways to Know if Your Cannabis is High Quality

Sometimes you just don’t know how good something is going to be until you experience it. As the old saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding.” The same holds true for good weed. You can look for indicators, but sometimes you just won’t know the quality of your bud until you pack the pipe.
With the lifting of prohibition on recreational marijuana in several states in America, there are testing labs now to certify how good certain strains can be. However, you, as the average-Joe smoker, don’t have a testing facility in your backyard. So how can you get a good idea of how dank the weed is before you buy?
Here are a few traits to look for to help you make the right choice.

Ooh, that Smell
When you first open up that baggy or canister, you should be able to smell the quality. Why do you think dispensaries allow you to smell the product before you buy? While there is no way to directly quantify what “dank” or “skunky” smells like, one whiff of the good stuff and you will know. There might be hints of fruitiness, diesel or jet fuel, citrus or even pine.
If there is no smell too it, or if it smells like mold or fresh grass clippings, avoid it. It’s like Toucan Sam told you on Saturday mornings, “Follow your nose, it always knows.”

You Got the Look
If everything smells good, it’s time to examine those buds. There might be hints of orange, purple or red, but overall the color should be green. It definitely should not be brown.
On closer inspection, look for lots and lots of crystals. The crystals are where the THC is most highly concentrated, so the more of them you see, the better the weed generally is. They are called trichomes and might be the most important thing to look for when searching for high-quality weed.
It’s crucial not just to look for the crystals, but gauge their appearance as well. If they look clear, pass it up. It might have lots of crystals, but they are not fully developed yet. If it looks like it was grown by Frosty the Snowman, buy as much as you can!

Sticky Situations
When Snoop Dogg rapped about the “sticky icky icky,” he wasn’t just commenting on his personal preference. The stickier the weed is, generally, the better it smokes. It should feel sticky to the touch, and rub off a little on your fingers when touched. If it just crumbles when you separate it, it’s probably either low quality or has been dried too much.
You should also be on the lookout for weed that hasn’t been dried long enough. If the bag feels heavier than it should be, you might be dealing with weed that is just too wet. That’s not good either, as it leaves your bud susceptible to mold and rot.

All Killer, No Filler

When looking at your potential weed purchase, you also should not see a lot of stems and sticks. Not only is it a pain in the butt to separate the good buds from all that junk, but also when paying by weight, you don’t want to be paying for filler. You also shouldn’t see a lot of seeds in your weed.
You should also look for weed that is not tightly packed, but at the same time not too leafy. It should break off the stem easily, and not require the use of scissors or teeth.

Good Burn
In the end, sometimes you just won’t know how good the weed is until you try it. When you first put fire too it, it should burn easily, but not too fast. If it ashes white, you know that all the heavy metals and other impurities have been flushed properly.
The most important thing is to find a dispensary you trust who provides consistently good product.
At Chronic Therapy, you can always count on us always having the dankest of the dank! Stop by our dispensary at 10030 West 27th Avenue in Wheat Ridge today, and let us show you what good weed looks, smells and smokes like!

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