Can I Use Cannabis at Ski Resorts in Colorado?

two people sitting on a chair lift going up the mountain

Colorado is primarily known across the entire United States for two things: skiing, and legal weed. However it’s not always clear how those two claims to fame intersect. Locals enjoying a day trip to the ski slopes and tourists from out of state coming for a ski weekend all have the same question: Can I use weed on the ski slopes?
The short answer is no, but let’s look at the reasons why, and the alternatives available to you.

Why Can’t I Use Weed at Ski Resorts?

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t use marijuana on the ski slopes. First and foremost, smoking marijuana is illegal in public places in Colorado, and ski resorts are no exception. Additionally, although Colorado has legalized marijuana, federal law has not, and many ski resorts are located on federal land.
Perhaps most importantly, however, the Colorado Ski Safety Act prohibits skiing under the influence of any substance, whether marijuana or alcohol. Remember, skiing is a potentially dangerous sport, and using weed on the slope puts not only yourself in danger, but other skiers as well.

What are My Other Options?

Just because you can’t use weed at the ski resort itself, doesn’t mean your entire vacation needs to be weed-free. Many of the ski towns are 420-friendly. For instance, by searching online or on Airbnb for 420-friendly accommodations, you can often find someplace to stay near the resort where you can smoke, vape, or whatever your preference.
In addition, some mountain towns have dispensaries where you can purchase marijuana. For instance, Eagle, Steamboat Springs, Aspen, and Telluride all have recreational dispensaries. Due to the lack of competition, you’ll likely pay a premium, though, so it’s better to plan ahead and make your purchases in the Denver area.

Last Stop before Hitting the Mountain

Whether you’re a local resident enjoying the ski playground in your backyard, or a visitor to our beautiful state, making a stop at a quality dispensary should be your priority before heading into the mountains.
Not all of the cities that make up the Denver metro area permit recreational marijuana sales, so you’ll have to plan ahead. Your best bet: Stop at Chronic Therapy on your way out of town. Our Wheat Ridge location is ultra-convenient, whether you’re on your way from the airport or another part of town.

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