Celebrities Using Their Brand for Cannabis is Big Business

While many celebrities have long been known for their love of marijuana, today a growing number of them are lending their names, and faces, to their own brands of weed. They are taking advantage of marijuana’s rising popularity and cashing in. Marijuana manufacturers are using their name recognition as well as fan base to gain market share in the recreational market.
Here are several celebrities who already have their own weed lines or are poised to launch them soon:

celebrity marijuana brands: snoop dogg

Snoop Dogg:

Everyone knows Snoop Dogg is a huge fan of weed. He has his own lineup of marijuana products that come in cool gift boxes. From edibles to flowers to concentrates, “Leafs by Snoop” is a very popular line. His edibles are called “Dogg Treats” (of course). His products include peanut butter gems, chocolate bars and fruit-flavored gummies. He also produces Northern Lights and Cali Kush wax, Purple Bush and Lemon Pie shatter, as well as two strains of indica, and one strain of sativa.

celebirty marijuana brands: Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong:

Tommy Chong has long been known as the ultimate stoner (along with his comic partner Cheech Marin). Medical marijuana is something Chong feels has healing powers. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and used a number of medical marijuana products to help him through treatments. He went into remission within a year. Chong’s marijuana line is comprised of pre-rolled cones, breath drops, vape cartridges and CBD products, as well as a signature strain called “Chong Star.” Chong also invented the “Smoke Swipe,” a non-toxic wipe that will “swipe away smoke odor from clothes” so you won’t be embarrassed to walk into a room after smoking!

Bob Marley

While Robert Nesta Marley may no longer be among us, he would probably be very happy to know that both his music and his passion for marijuana legalization are still going strong.  Marley Natural is the Bob Marley line, produced with the blessings of his family. The line includes infused lotions and classic cannabis strains, all reflecting Marley’s Jamaican culture.

celebrity marijuana brands : Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson:

Willie Nelson has long been a poster child for weed. His new line, called “Willie’s Reserve” will be grown, distributed and sold in both Colorado and Washington, and then in other states as it becomes legal. Willie wants his company to be focused on environmental and social issues, and Nelson says he’ll be involved in the entire process from start to finish. Nelson told Rolling Stone, “I will make sure it’s good or it won’t be on sale.”

celebrity marijuana brands: Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah:

Ghostface Killah, of Wu-Tang Clan, has a new line of marijuana called “Ghostface Killah’s Wu-Goo”. His pot is only available in vape cartridges.

celebrity maWiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa:

Rapper Wiz Khalifa’s line, Khalifa Kush, includes accessories as well. He says that growing up he was surrounded by weed, but now he is very interested in the culture that goes along with growing pot.

celebrity marijuana brands: Rihanna


Rihanna’s new line of marijuana is called “MaRihanna.” The line includes a number of different types of marijuana flower, including flavors such as Karibbean Kush, Haitian Haze and Jamaican High Grade. She also offers edibles and concentrates. As a longtime pot smoker, Rihanna loves the herb, and says her marijuana line will be available in Alaska, Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge battled breast cancer in 2004 and found that marijuana really helped her with the side effects of chemo. Wondering how anyone could go through it without marijuana, she started a line of infused wines, her Private Reserve Wine Tinctures. Her products can only be ordered through her website.

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