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After reading our blog post on 7/10 Day, you’ll know: 

  • What 7/10 Day is and how it came to be a cannabis holiday 
  • What concentrates are and the basics of dabbing 
  • Where to purchase concentrates and dabbing tools to celebrate the day 

Everyone understands sibling rivalry. The older one, first on the scene and with more time to make its way into the hearts of many, is seen as accomplished and reliable. However, the younger one often adds a charming pizzaz as it tries to take some of the shine and love previously cast upon the elder. 

So, it’s understandable why 7/10 may feel like it’s in a rivalry with the first and most famous cannabis holiday: 4/20. However, like with any family, there is clearly room for both days on the calendar. 

To help the burgeoning 7/10 holiday, we offer this guide to celebrating the day with your closest cannabis friends. 

Why is 7/10 Day? 

4/20 is considered a day of general cannabis merriment. 7/10, on the other hand, is specifically dedicated to oils, concentrates, and dabs. That’s why you may occasionally hear July 10th also referred to as Oil or Dab Day. In fact, the 7/10 date was chosen because if you flip the numerals upside down, the word “oil” is spelled out.  

Like 4/20, 7/10 can also be celebrated at a specific time of day. So, it’s always a good idea to set your alarm for either 7:10 AM or PM on July 10th to make sure you’re partaking in the purest form of 7/10 celebration. 

The History 

The origins of 7/10 are both recent and nebulous. No one is quite sure exactly when the first Oil Day was celebrated, but most amateur cannabis historians point to the early 2010s as the likely start date. One of the first mentions of 7/10 Day is from an LA Weekly article proclaiming it the new 4/20. 

That same year, the first Dab Day celebration occurred: the 710 Cup. Fun fact: The first 710 Cup was actually held from 7/12 to 7/14 as July 10th, 2013, was on Wednesday. These events are designed to celebrate cannabis extracts and oils of all types. 

How Do You Celebrate? 

As 7/10 Day is set up to highlight concentrates, oils, and dabbing, it makes sense that the best way to celebrate the holiday is by partaking in those particular forms of cannabis consumption, if you’re of legal age in your area. While many consumers prefer to stick to flower as their primary form of cannabis, there is a lot to look forward to as you venture into the world of dabbing. 

It should be noted that cannabis oils tend to contain a much higher THC concentration than other forms of cannabis. Oils can sometimes contain as much as 95% THC, if not even higher. That’s more than four times the THC concentration of the flower, which tends to hover between 15% and 20%. 

Of course, if you’re new to oils and dabbing, it can be intimidating at first. However, just some basic knowledge about this new way of consuming cannabis goes a long way. Many people prefer oils due to their potency, though there’s nothing wrong with sticking to buds or edibles, even on Dab Day. 

Concentrates and Oils 

Concentrates, extracts, and oils have become increasingly popular as the legal cannabis market has opened up in many states. Additionally, while these terms are often used interchangeably, there are subtle differences. Still, don’t worry if you’re unsure which term is the correct one for your product; Your budtender should understand what you’re looking for and help you find the ideal cannabis product for your needs. 

Additionally, within the grouping of cannabis products called “oils” are various cannabis products with different. The names of these sub-products tend to be visually descriptive: 

The visual differences are the result of how the THC is extracted from the cannabis plant. However, choosing the right one for you is a matter of preference and your available tools.  


If you’re looking to dab on Dab Day, you’ll need a few tools to get the job done. The collection of these tools is referred to as a “dab rig” that includes multiple components: 

  • A glass vessel similar to a bong 
  • A dab wand or dab tool 
  • A torch or e-nail 

You’ll also need a torch or strong lighter to ensure hot enough temperatures to turn the oil or concentrate into vapor. For a visual lesson on how to dab, you can search “How to dab” on YouTube and see various videos walking you through the specific steps. 

It should be stated that you don’t necessarily need a dab rig to consume concentrates. Many vaporizers are designed to heat concentrates to a precise temperature, which can also help make the experience a smooth one. 

Celebrate 7/10 Day with Chronic Therapy 

If you’re looking to celebrate 7/10 Day the right way, make sure to stop by a Chronic Therapy dispensary near you! We have two locations, one each in Wheat Ridge and Cortez, and we also serve the Arvada, Denver, Golden, Lakewood, and Westminster areas. 

You’ll find high-quality recreational cannabis products at both of our dispensaries, including oils and concentrates, from some of the best cannabis growers and producers in the state. If you have any questions about concentrates, dabbing, or anything else cannabis-related, make sure to ask our friendly budtenders. You can also check out our menus online

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