Why Are Gummies The Most Popular Cannabis Edible?


After reading this blog post on the popularity of gummy edibles, you’ll learn: 

    • Why gummies are so popular among cannabis connoisseurs 
    • How you should consume gummies best to ensure a safe, fun, and relaxing time 

Edibles have come a long way since the brownie your friend’s older brother’s best friend gave you in college. Advancements in THC extraction techniques and baking methods have made it possible to infuse cannabis into various goodies and beverages.  

Perhaps the most popular edible today is the humble gummy. They harken back to a time in childhood where gummies were widely available and the preferred way to get sugar into your system. Now, though, they also serve as an ideal cannabis delivery system for a variety of reasons. 

Why Are Gummies So Popular? 

Whether it’s gummy bears, worms, or Sour Patch Kids, non-cannabis gummies have been enjoyed for decades by practically everyone. This can help explain why cannabis-infused gummies are also popular among those 21 and older.  

Gummies Have a Long Shelf Life

Whether you prefer edibles as an occasional treat or one you have every day, shelf life is important. It’s often less expensive to buy in bulk. Gummies hold up well over time, as long as they’re in a sealed package and secured in a cool, dark place. That means you can purchase a large package and dole out your preferred serving size without feeling like you’re racing against the expiration clock. 

Edibles are Portable 

While brownies and cookies are delicious, it can feel odd to pull a full cookie out of your bag or purse and start munching. These sweet treats also run the risk of melting in heat if you leave them in your car. This can make them a bit of a hassle to take with you. 

Gummies are inherently portable. You can easily keep them in your backpack, messenger bag, or purse. If you accidentally leave them in the car, the higher melting point of pectin means they won’t turn into a gooey mess when you finally retrieve them. 

You Control the Serving Size

Gummies are the ideal serving size for an edible. Like the cookie mentioned above or brownie, larger treats make it difficult to know exactly how much THC you’re consuming if you choose only to eat a portion of the bar. Gummies, though, give you better control. You can pop one in your mouth or several, though it’s always best to start slow. 

How Should You Consume Gummies? 

If you’re new to gummies, you may have some questions about how to best consume them. While it’s tempting to go whole hog and binge on them as if they’re your favorite sugary treat, you should focus on finding an ideal serving size for your needs before jumping into the package. 

Go Low and Slow

As with all edibles, it helps to go low and slow with gummies. Edibles hit your body differently than other methods of cannabis consumption. The effects tend to take a while to kick in and then stick around for a longer time. This means you should always start with a small serving size and wait a while before reaching for a second. Generally, this waiting period should be at least an hour, and you should stick with a single gummy at a time until you know exactly how that specific edible affects you. 

Set Up a Relaxing Experience 

Paranoia can be a common side effect of cannabis consumption. While it can be hard to dismiss those thoughts as they occur, you can take precautions before consuming gummies to ensure the experience goes smoothly. For instance, make sure to set some a few hours aside where you don’t have anywhere to go or any responsibilities to look after.  

Stay in a Safe Environment

Another key precaution is to make sure you’re in a safe spot to consume gummies. This should be your home or the home of a friend. Surround yourself with people who can look after you and make you feel comfortable. There should always be someone there who has experience with edibles so they can help you through any potential bouts of concern.  

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