Cooking with Hemp and CBD Oil

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Many people use hemp oil for pain, but did you know there are many creative hemp oil uses? In fact, when looking for hemp oil in Wheat Ridge or your neighborhood, you’re bound to find a few hemp oil cooking recipes. That’s right: It can even become part of your favorite meal.


Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil for Cooking

Before you break out the hemp oil for cooking, it’s important to know the difference between this and another popular option: CBD oil. Although both of these can be beneficial, they have different traits that might make them more or less appropriate for your plans.


Hemp Oil

Hemp seed oil is typically extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant through a cold press process. Although any cannabis plant is theoretically capable of producing oil, industrial hemp is usually chosen because it’s been specifically engineered for the purpose.



CBD oil is derived from the flowers, stalks and leaves of the cannabis plant. It has a very high concentration of cannabidiol, one of the most important natural ingredients in cannabis. It can be consumed without experiencing the “high” associated with marijuana.


Hemp Oil is a Versatile Ingredient to Add to Your Pantry

The interesting thing about cooking with hemp oil is that it does not typically require you to make major changes to your existing recipes. All you have to do is replace olive oil or your other favorite cooking oils with the same quantity of hemp oil.
Mixed with vinegar and other flavorings, it can make an easy and satisfying salad dressing.


CBD Oil Can Give Your Treats a Little Something More

It should come as no surprise that CBD oil is used in a wide range of edible products. Surely the most iconic of these is high-CBD brownies. Making your own CBD-infused foodstuffs is a bit more challenging than cooking with hemp oil alone, however.
To get the desired effects from CBD oil when baking, it’s common to infuse olive oil, coconut oil, butter or ghee with the CBD oil using a low heat. The infusion process helps to ensure the CBD won’t break down or be vaporized.
With high- quality oil, it may be possible to simply combine ingredients.


Find Hemp and CBD Oils at Chronic Therapy

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