Easy Edibles to Make at Home

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The edibles industry has blown up in Colorado, and now more consumers are looking for simple ways to replicate their favorite recipes at home. The good news is that there are several simple edibles that just about anyone can make on their own, and we’re here to show you how. Here are some of our favorite easy edibles recipes to get you started.

Cannabutter Recipes

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Did you know that you can create your very own cannabutter spread in just a few hours with three simple ingredients: butter, cannabis and water? Essentially all you have to do is melt the butter in boiling water, add your cannabis, and then strain the mixture into a container where it can re-solidify. There are several different ways to prep cannabis for this process before you begin, but the most common is to bake it in a fine layer to get the THC released.

Pot Brownies

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Pot brownies have been a longtime favorite thanks to the simplicity of conjuring these tasty treats. For some, adding cannabis extracts to any brownie recipe is sufficient, but we’ve found that substituting cannabutter for regular butter actually gives your brownies better consistency and flavor.

Granola Bars

Everyone seems to have their own preference when it comes to granola bars. Some people love bars with chocolate, peanut butter, and nuts. Other people love oats, raisins and cranberries. The good news is that you can further personalize your bars with cannabutter, cannabis-infused peanut butter or even canna-chocolates. Basically, you don’t even need a recipe to make granola bars that feature your favorite cannabis strains. Just put all the ingredients into a flat baking dish and freeze overnight.

Mac and Cheese

We couldn’t leave you without at least one savory recipe to tide you over. Macaroni and cheese is a simple one to work with before you dive into more complex pasta sauces and pizza recipes. Again, the key to this recipe is not recreating the wheel, but simply substituting cannabutter or canna-oil in place of the regular ingredients in your mac and cheese. This gives your recipe just enough of a cannabis kick to work for you without having to mix flower into your noodles.
There are many reasons people decide to try edibles vs. smoking. Edibles may make it easier to take in your cannabis throughout the day. Hopefully, these easy edibles to make at home are enough to get you comfortable cooking with cannabis.
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