6 Famous People Who Smoked Marijuana

Smoking cannabis opens you up to stereotypes. Many people believe potheads are lazy, dumb, and unmotivated. Nevertheless, there are famous people who are talented and intelligent, even though they smoke or smoked weed on a regular basis in the past. Some of the greatest minds in the world have used cannabis, and the following are six famous stoners who obliterate the stereotypes.

Barack Obama

It seems that every president has a past that included pot, and Barack Obama is no exception. While Clinton tried to smoke up and failed, Bush was a boozer who liked coke and the occasional pot, and George Washington grew marijuana, only President Obama readily admits to smoking pot in his youth.
In his book, “Dreams of My Father”, he admitted to frequently inhaling because that was the point. If you’re wondering what kind of future a pothead can have, look no further than President Obama. Not only can you be incredibly smart, but you could also be a lawyer, Senator and President of the United States of America.

George Washington

You can’t mention Obama without the man who did it first, George Washington. Washington was a hemp farmer, but there is evidence that he also bred seeds for increased THC and smoked his crop.

Stephen King

On the other side of the spectrum, creative types are often potheads. So many artists, musicians and actors smoke up, but writing a best-selling novel is a different animal. You can’t just toke up, zone out, and produce a work of fiction like “The Stand.” Stephen King is prolific as a writer, and he has written over 50 novels and stories in his career. He has sold over 500 million copies of his works worldwide. If a writer was a rock star, Mr. King is certainly a literary Mick Jagger. Stephen King is also a proponent of the legalization of marijuana and thinks the laws against it are ridiculous. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of reading any of his work, you’d understand why it’s probable that he was high when he came up with some of his stories.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps was contrite when photos of him smoking pot were made public. He was hitting the bong like a pro, so it’s doubtful that was his first time smoking. That means you can be an Olympic Gold Medalist and a pot smoker too. When you have world-class athletes get high, it certainly breaks stereotypes.

William Shakespeare

Clay pipes with traces of cannabis were found in Shakespeare’s Stratford-on-Avon garden. These pipes have been dated back to the 17th century, when Shakespeare himself lived in the home. This is pretty clear evidence that another one of the greatest writers of all time was also a pothead.

Ramesses II

Even though it wasn’t in the movie, The Ten Commandments, Ramesses II liked to smoke some green. We know this because weed was found in his tomb. If he wanted to take his stash with him to the afterlife, he was most likely serious about it. He was the father of 160 children and he lived during the times of Blood Rivers, so he had plenty of reasons to toke up.

There you have it, smoking pot won’t ruin your life or your chances of achieving your dreams. These were just a few of the highly accomplished people who liked to smoke weed, but there have been many more from all walks of life. There is no shortage of artists, leaders, musicians, writers, scientists, and philosophers who smoked pot throughout history.

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