Why 420 Is the Perfect Holiday for Cannabis Lovers

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The story of 420 as a holiday is long and interesting. The roots go all the way back to a group of high school students in California who started using 420 as slang to keep their meetups a secret. At some point, these students introduced their code to none other than the Grateful Dead, who proceeded to launch this special number to international cannabis fame.

Since then, 4/20 has become a famous holiday, 4:20 has become a good time to enjoy a smoke session, and 420 has become universal slang in a wide variety of cannabis-related conversations. April 20th has long been known as an important day in the cannabis community, and the movement is picking up even more steam in the United States as laws are modernized. We anticipate that this year’s celebration will be especially noteworthy in Wheat Ridge, across the rest of the Denver area, and throughout all of Colorado.

420 Celebrations Wheat Ridge

Denver is one of the largest hot spots in the United States when it comes to good 420 celebrations, and Wheat Ridge residents have lots of options for where to celebrate. In 2019, Colorado Cannabis Week extends from April 18 through April 22. Activities will include tours, Puff Pass and Paint Classes, cooking classes, Puff Pass and Pincushion classes, infused dinners, The Munchie Crawl, and more.

Colorado Cannabis Tours allows enthusiasts to sign up for all of these events, and that’s barely the tip of the iceberg for 2019 420 celebrations around Denver. Other options include the famous Mile High 420 Festival in Civic Center Park, which is the world’s largest free 420 celebration. Keep in mind that public consumption of cannabis is prohibited by Colorado State Law and bags will be searched at Civic Center Park, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying some of the top entertainment acts in the country.

How to Celebrate 420 Safely and Legally

Just like any other holiday when people are consuming intoxicating substances, it’s extremely important to stay safe and legal. Even though attitudes toward cannabis are extremely relaxed in Wheat Ridge and the rest of Colorado, it’s still technically illegal to consume cannabis in public.

For that reason, we recommend that our customers consume cannabis before going out, and certainly advise against participating in any conspicuous behavior. It’s also illegal to have over one ounce of cannabis or to have an open container in your vehicle.

Denver Police issued 72 citations on 4/20/2018, and it’s safe to assume they’ll be at it again in 2019. The very most important thing is to be safe. Designate a driver or order an Uber, but don’t drive while you’re under the influence of cannabis or anything else.

420 Specials

Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge & Cortez, CO is offering some special deals to help our customers prepare for this year’s festivities. Here are just a few of the best specials to grab before the big event:

  • 4.20 grams of flower for the price of an eighth ($35 before tax)
  • 4 grams of live resin for $80 plus tax
  • Buy two of any edibles, topicals, or cartridges (any third party items) to get 20% off
  • A whole ounce of small buds for $65 before tax


Where to Stock up for 420

In addition to all the specials above, you’ll find a whole variety of awesome cannabis products at our location in either Wheat Ridge or Cortez. We have 50+ premium strains, including the first place winner at the 2018 Grow Off in the potency category.

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