Daywrecker OG


If you’re looking for a complete knock-out, this intense strain will leave you unable to lift your head. Make sure you eat something before taking Daywrecker, as the effects of this strain will leave you hungry and unable to move a single muscle. Daywrecker is a cannabis Sativa known for its energizing, calming effects and well-known “head high,” with 26% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Surprisingly, the Daywrecker, a Sativa marijuana strain, has a barely discernible appearance. It has fluffy green buds, amber pistils, and a thin layer of white trichomes.

When it hits your nostrils, the pleasant dankness quickly turns tangy. However, when you crack the buds open and inhale through your nose, you get a more profound quality of flavor behind that initial whiff.


One of the first things you’ll likely notice about Daywrecker Headband is how dense it is. This is one of the more prolific producers of marijuana strains, with lots of bulky flowers.

The strain tends to be a very unassuming marijuana green color, but with lots of hairs and trichomes adding to the bulky appearance. Daywrecker Headband also is known for its unique smell, which is overall dank and diesel-y, but with an underlying sweet aroma.


One of the names for this strain is Daywrecker OG, which references its OG Kush heritage. Its other parent was a Sour Diesel plant, which accounts for its strong, dank smell.

Daywrecker’s Effects

A typical fresh-earth, nutty-pine, and sweet-grapes tones welcome you when you taste it. After a few bites or puffs, it might cause you to feel numb, hungry, and exhausted.

Then you may experience numbness and euphoria, followed by hunger. However, because you are unable to move, you continue to sit/lay on the couch.

  • Enhanced Mood—It can make you feel pleasant, even euphoric. As the euphoria of the brain wears off, so does the body buzz.
  • Relaxation— After enjoying Daywrecker, your body dissolves into the couch until you become one with it. Because of the cloudy head-high, everything moves at a snail’s pace with an experience of numbness, while your legs and eyelids feel heavier,
  • Sleepiness—Daywrecker aids in falling into a deep slumber from which vivid dreams and lucid visions emerge.
  • Restore Your Appetite—It leaves you feeling hungry.

This strain has the name Daywrecker because it does exactly what its name implies—wrecks your day. The Daywrecker strain is ideal for those looking to unwind completely. Also, you get to enjoy a profoundly relaxing evening with almost unearthly effects, as long as you have been responsible and cleared your day.


Daywrecker Headband is most popular along the West Coast and Pacific Northwest, but we’re lucky in Denver to have several good sources of this potent strain. As with any potent strain, it’s important to make sure your Daywrecker Headband comes from a quality dispensary with skilled growers.

It’s especially important with this one to talk to knowledgeable staff who can advise you on whether Daywrecker Headband is the right choice for your needs, as well as how to smoke it safely.

Interested in trying Daywrecker Headband? Come to visit Chronic Therapy today to chat with our experienced staff, browse our available strains and find one you’ll love.