Strain Spotlight: Member Berry Strain


If you’re a Colorado resident looking for ways to ease your nervousness and tension, the Member Berry strain could be what you are looking for. Member Berry strain has gained popularity over the years since it’s been discovered due to its flavor, aroma, and amazing calming outcomes. It is the perfect strain for the most nervous afflictions. 

 Our main aim at Chronic Therapy in Colorado is to assist people in managing their discomforts and other conditions like nervousness by providing affordable premium and high-quality cannabis strains. Our staff is highly trained to enlighten you on our wide range of cannabis strains and ensure you pick a strain that suits your needs and lifestyle.  

This article shares insights on the Member Berry strain origin, outcomes, appearance, and where to buy in Colorado. 

Member Berry Origin

Member Berry strain originates from a successful cross between the skunkberry and mandarin sunset cannabis strains. It was created by Ethos Genetics in Colorado and had traces of Afghan heritage due to the mandarin sunset strain.

It is a hybrid of a combination of sativa and indica cannabis in the ratio of 1:1 in that it has 50% indica and 50% Sativa. Member Berry hybrid is a concentrated cannabis strain with up to 28% THC and almost no CBD.

Member Berry Appearance

The Member Berry strain has varied traits and might be difficult to identify. This strain has dense, bright green buds with dark glistening trichomes. They also have thick pistils with amber hairs that weave their way to the surface of the nugs.

The Member Berry hybrid strain has a sweet aroma of fresh grapes and berries with a touch of citrus and light spice. The citrus scent is due to limonene, the second most common terpene in the member-berry hybrid strain.

Member Berry strain has an outstanding sweet flavor in line with the aroma. It has a concentrated flavor of citrus notes, the tinge of the spine, and a fruity taste due to the grapes, orange, and berries concoction inherited from mandarin sunset.

Member Berry Effects

Member Berry strain has long-lasting feelings noticeable immediately after taking some puffs. Some of the common member Berry influences include:

  • Euphoric high

Member Berry gives users an uplifting feeling of happiness that feels like a shot of euphoria to the brain, enhancing their mood positively. 

  • Relaxation

After the fading of the euphoric high, your body gets a pleasant calmness physically and mentally, which might eventually lead to sound sleep. The myrcene terpene in this strain is responsible for the relaxation reaction due to its sedative and relaxation properties.

  • Increased focus and concentration

Member Berry provides your mind with calmness and creative energy, increasing the focus and concentration needed to solve difficult tasks.

  • Increased appetite

Users say they feel hungry when they take Member Berry strain and thus can be used by patients to increase appetite.

Member Berry is also a popular choice for medical cannabis patients as it aids with: 

  • Easing emotional difficulties and gloominess
  • Continuous and mild discomforts
  • Easing operational exhaustion experiences

Member Berry is a perfect strain for people with high THC tolerance. People with low THC tolerance should consume less to avoid experiencing negative outcomes such as headaches and dizziness. Users should also take more water to be well hydrated throughout the high to avoid dry mouth and eyes.

Member Berry strain is the perfect thing you need to set the mood when ready to relax and reminisce for a while in the afternoon or the evening. Know your limits to avoid spoiling the pleasant mood with the negative impacts.

Find the Best Cannabis Strains in Colorado

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Image Credit: Tia Thompson / Shutterstock