Strain Spotlight: Fatso Strain

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There are many reasons behind the fascinating hybrid strain named “fatso”. Primarily, the title reflects this strain’s heavy strength at 28% THC and calming reaction that induces the pleasurable feeling within minutes after consumption. This is an indica leaning hybrid strain.

Chronic Therapy in Colorado was built on shared passion and enthusiasm for the cannabis industry. We are proud to offer you a wide range of premium cannabis products. This article shares some insights on the Fatso strain, its origin, appearance, reactions, and effects.

Fatso Strains Origin

Fatso OG, also known as Fatso Kush or Fatso, has both indica and Sativa effects in a ratio of 70:30. It originated by crossing the Legends OG strains and the robust GMO cookies from Colorado breeder Cannarado. It is quite strong, with THC concentration levels of 26% and a cannabidiol level of less than 1%, so it’s safe to say you can expect a relaxing day at home!

Fatso Strains Appearance, Taste, and Smell

The Fatso strain produces medium-sized plants due to their hybrid heritage and takes approximately seven to eight weeks to flower. Fatso OG strain nugs are chunky and densely packed like most indicas. They are medium green in color, comparable to pale or darker mints. They have many amber orange pistils that are thin and short. The Fatso weed strain has thick opaque trichomes, making harvesting easy.

Fatso strain is exceptional and memorable for its distinct aroma of pure diesel fuel, and earthy and herbal aromatic tones. In addition, this strain has a sweet, spicy coffee-like, and woody flavor with touches of fruitiness due to its terpenes. The aroma and flavors of the Fatso OG strain are similar.

Fatso Strains Effects

Fatso weed strains have long-lasting effects. Some of the common Fatso OG strain outcomes experienced by users include:

  • Euphoria 

Vaping or taking edibles from Fatso strains uplifts your mood. It gives you a feeling of happiness, mental energy, and contentment, making it perfect for use in the evening after a stressful day at work.

  • Relaxation 

After the euphoric outcomes, your body begins to feel a warm, delightful sensation paired with a heaviness that keeps your mind and body calm, leaving you relaxed on your bed or couch. It makes you feel warm, cozy, and relaxed, but at the same time, it keeps you focused and enthralled with whatever is in front of you.

  • Sleep

With your whole body calm and deeply relaxed, it is easy to fall asleep. Users recommend Fatso Weed Strains as a perfect nightcap for battling sleep troubles and should be used in the evening to avoid interference with your daily responsibilities and routine.

  • Calming

The Fatso strain has myrcene terpene that promotes calmness easing a user’s racing thoughts and pressures.

Strains such as the Fatso strains have changed many people’s lives, despite the low levels of cannabinoids, and have become popular among medical patients who need pain relief. Fatso weed strains can assist you with the following issues: muscle sensitivity, tenderness, continuous discomfort, feelings of sadness, and nervousness.

Notably, the Fatso strain has great strength, which some consumers may find overwhelming, so it is not recommended to people new to cannabis.

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Image Credit: SunnyToys / Shutterstock